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Industrial bolting cloth is an extremely strong mesh material consisting of smooth, durable wires that can speed up the bolting action and significantly increase screening machine capacity. Because of its greater toughness and strength, stainless steel bolting cloth is considered to be the most durable of all fine wire cloth products. Bolting cloth also features a higher percentage of open area than mill or market grade wire cloth, making it the preferred material when maximum throughput is essential.

Marco Specialty Steel supplies a variety of wire mesh products locally in Houston, Texas, and around the world. Need expert wire cloth fabrication? We are here to help, fill out our form for more information.


Key Industrial Bolting Cloth Properties and Characteristics

Also known as tensile bolting cloth, or TBC, this material features a square weave that is achieved via the implementation of plain weaving technology. This ensures that the finished product exhibits the desired thin structure and high permeation. The mesh also consists of a smooth, flat surface without the presence of joint knots.

Other valuable stainless steel bolting cloth characteristics include excellent corrosion resistance and strong resistance to acids and alkalis. Additionally, industrial bolting cloth is able to withstand the potentially adverse effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Bolting Cloth Applications

Bolting cloth products have numerous industrial applications entailing a combination of superior strength and exceptionally high capacity. Because of its smaller, finer wire diameters, it yields a comparatively light material with a higher percentage of open areas, making it suitable for various sifting and screen printing processes. Examples of the many industries that use bolting cloth products include:

  • Aerospace
  • Petroleum
  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Environmental protection
  • Mining
  • Electronics
  • Metallurgy
  • Paper manufacturing

Marco Can Provide a Wide Selection of Bolting Cloth Products

As one of the leading bolt cloth suppliers in the U.S., Marco Specialty Steel is able to offer an extensive inventory consisting of dozens of stock bolting cloth products. Choose from a wide range of mesh sizes, wire diameters, actual opening sizes and open area percentages to meet your specific screening/sifting requirements.

We can also provide a custom industrial bolting cloth fabrication for unique/specialized applications. We have a complete in-house fabrication department that can handle just about any type of customization project, regardless of size or scope.

Wire Cloth Accessories Tie Wire
Wire Cloth Accessories

Don’t Forget to Order Accessories with your Bolting Cloth

Marco carries a full line of wire cloth accessories such as tie wire and U-edging.

What Makes Marco Specialty Steel Your Best Choice?

While there are many bolting cloth suppliers from which to choose, few can match Marco Specialty Steel when it comes to quality, speed and reliability. Since 1992, our primary goal has been to provide the best, most customer-focused service in our industry. Understanding that many of our customers need their wire mesh quickly, we make a point of providing the fastest possible turnaround time for every project.


We believe that our additional effort, close attention to detail and superior-quality products separate us from other bolting cloth suppliers.

Bolting Cloth Product Table

Meshes Per Linear InchOpening - InchesWire Diameter - InchesOpen AreaWeight Lbs./100Sq.Ft.
14 Mesh0.0624"0.009"76.4%0.076
16 Mesh0.0535"0.009"73.3%0.087
18 Mesh0.0466"0.009"70.2%0.098
20 Mesh0.0410"0.009"67.2%0.109
22 Mesh0.0380"0.0075"69.7%0.083
24 Mesh0.0342"0.869"0.0075"0.191
26 Mesh0.0310"0.787"0.0075"0.191
28 Mesh0.0282"0.716"0.0075"0.191
30 Mesh0.0268"0.681"0.0065"0.165
32 Mesh0.0248"0.63 "0.0065"0.165
34 Mesh0.0229"0.582"0.0065"0.165
36 Mesh0.0213"0.541"0.0065"0.165
38 Mesh0.0198"0.503"0.0065"0.165
40 Mesh0.0185"0.47"0.0065"0.165
42 Mesh0.0183"0.465"0.0055"0.14
43 Mesh0.0183"0.465"0.0050"0.127
44 Mesh0.0172"0.437"0.0055"0.14
46 Mesh0.0162"0.412"0.0055"0.14
46 Mesh0.0172"0.437"0.0045"0.114
48 Mesh0.0163"0.414"0.0045"0.114
48 Mesh0.0153"0.389"0.0055"0.14
50 Mesh0.0145"0.369"0.0055"0.14
50 Mesh0.0155"0.394"0.0045"0.114
52 Mesh0.0137"0.248"0.0055"0.14
54 Mesh0.0145"0.368"0.0040"0.102
54 Mesh0.0130"0.331"0.0055"0.14
56 Mesh0.0138"0.351"0.0040"0.102
58 Mesh0.0132"0.335"0.0040"0.102
58 Mesh0.0127"0.323"0.0045"0.114
60 Mesh0.0122"0.31"0.0045"0.114
60 Mesh0.0127"0.323"0.0040"0.102
62 Mesh0.1210"0.307"0.0040"0.102
62 Mesh0.0116"0.295"0.0045"0.114
64 Mesh0.0111"0.282"0.0045"0.114
66 Mesh0.0112"0.285"0.0040"0.102
70 Mesh0.0106"0.269"0.0037"0.094
72 Mesh0.0102"0.259"0.0037"0.094
74 Mesh0.0098"0.249"0.0037"0.094
76 Mesh0.0095"0.241"0.0037"0.094
78 Mesh0.0091"0.231"0.0037"0.094
80 Mesh0.0088"0.224"0.0037"0.094
84 Mesh0.0084"0.213"0.0035"0.089
88 Mesh0.0079"0.201"0.0035"0.089
94 Mesh0.0071"0.18"0.0035"0.089
105 Mesh0.0065"0.165"0.0030"0.076
120 Mesh0.0057"0.145"0.0026"0.066
120 Mesh0.0058"0.148"0.0025"0.064
135 Mesh0.0051"0.129"0.0023"0.058
145 Mesh0.0047"0.119"0.0022"0.056
165 Mesh0.0042"0.107"0.0019"0.048
200 Mesh0.0034"0.086"0.0016"0.041
230 Mesh0.0029"0.074"0.0014"0.036
270 Mesh0.0023"0.058"0.0014"0.036
325 Mesh0.0020"0.051"0.0011"0.028

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