Tread Grip Safety Flooring

Traction-Tread-Safety-Flooring Tread Grip Flooring Sheet

Tread Grip flooring sheets feature a surface with hundreds of perforated buttons that provide slip resistance in all directions making it a practical choice for industrial applications.

Tread Grip safety flooring is ideal for commercial & industrial applications where pedestrian traffic is a consideration and are perfectly suited for ADA-compliant requirements.

Tread Grip flooring sheets are easily adapted for a multitude of applications, offering a safe walking-working surface for walkways, ramps, stair treads and equipment platforms. This flooring options is ideal for the manufacture of special and fabricated products, and is often used as a reconditioning material over existing surfaces that do not provide slip-resistance.

  • Sheet Size – 36” x 120”
  • Can be cut to order
  • Variations of hole patterns are available upon request
  • Special fabrication, cutting or specialty configurations available upon request

Tread Grip Sheets & Patterns

Material Options:

Traction-Tread-Flooring-Standard-Pattern; safety grating
Tread Grip Standard Pattern
  • Hot rolled, pickled and oiled carbon steel:
    • 11 gauge (5.0 lbs./sq. ft.)
    • 12 gauge (4.3 lbs./sq. ft.)
    • 13 gauge (3.8 lbs./sq. ft.)
    • 14 gauge (3.1 lbs./sq. ft.)
    • 16 gauge (2.5 lbs./sq. ft.)
  • Aluminum alloy 5052-H32:
    • .125” (1.6 lbs./sq. ft.)
    • Note: 16 ga. 304 stainless steel is also available

Sheet Size:

Traction-Tread-Flooring-Button-Detail; safety grating
Tread Grip Button Detail
  • Standard – 36” x 120”
  • Cut to order

Tread grip safety flooring is available as shown above as a standard product, however, variations to the surface design can be produced according to your requirement (see examples illustrated below).


Tread Grip Flooring Special Patterns

Star Pattern
Square Pattern
Rectangular Pattern
OEM Pattern
Drain Hole Pattern
Dimple Only Pattern

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