Riveted Bar Grating

Bar-Grating-riveted, riveted bar grating on a bridge Riveted Bar Grating Products

Riveted bar grating derives its name from the use of high-strength rivets to bond the reticulated bars to the bearing bars. Mechanically and hydraulically operated riveting tools are used to individually cold-press each rivet, which fuses the reticulated and bearing bars together and forms a solid joint. Riveted bar grating products can be constructed of either carbon steel or aluminum.



What Are the Advantages of Riveted Bar Grating?

When compared to other types of grating, such as welded or aluminum swage-locked, riveted bar grating can provide a greater load capacity for the equivalent span and depth. The process of riveting the reticulated bars to the bear bars also enhances the grating’s resistance to buckling and shuddering, while also eliminating the residual stress that often lead to warping and joint failures. Being the oldest form of grating, riveted products are a strong, durable and impact resistant solution. Riveted grating offers superior resistance to impact and fatigue.

Additionally, riveted bar grating products are available with a smooth or serrated surface that is ideally suited for high traffic areas.

Riveted Bar Grating Load Table with printable pdf links

All measurements are center to center of bearing bars.

RIVETED GRATINGPart NumberBearing Bar Size
Steel Riveted Grating18-R-7
Aluminum Riveted Grating18-AR-7

riveted bar grating on a bridgeRiveted Bar Grating Applications

Because of the benefits listed above, riveted bar grating is a preferred choice for engineering applications. Riveted grating is available with a smooth or serrated surface that offers the perfect solution for rolling stock and wheeled equipment, particularly items that contain casters, as well as walkways that require maximum walking comfort. Other uses include virtually any type of flat surface such as ramps, loading docks and industrial and commercial flooring.

Heavy Duty Steel Riveted Grating Applications:

  • Bridges decking and highway trenches
  • Airport ramps
  • Ramps and docks
  • Commercial entrances
  • Trench gratings
riveted bar grating
Riveted Bridge, serrated surface
riveted grating
Riveted Grating, smooth surface
riveted-grate, riveted bar grating
Riveted Grating Trench

Make Marco Specialty Steel Your One-Stop Riveted Bar Grating Supplier

Marco Specialty Steel offers a wide range of riveted carbon steel products, and we also carry an extensive aluminum riveted bar grating inventory. We have close relationships with many of the few remaining riveted bar grating manufacturers, ensuring we will have the right product for your applications. You can count on us to be able to match your existing grating when you are replacing or expanding your installation.

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We Can Also Meet Your Customization Requirements

Have you been told by another riveted bar grating supplier that they just can’t provide the unique or specialized product your business needs? That won’t happen with Marco Specialty Steel! Our fully equipped, 35,000-square-foot facility in Houston, TX contains an in-house fabrication department where we can perform everything from the simplest to the most complex custom bar grating tasks. We can easily provide heavy-duty bar sizes and/or greater widths upon request.

Our Solutions-Oriented Approach Makes the Difference

Marco Specialty Steel takes a solutions-oriented approach to serving our customers. In addition to providing top-quality products with plenty of opportunities for customization, we provide the extra effort, care and attention to detail that ensures the best possible outcome for every project. And with our extraordinarily fast turnaround times, you never have to worry about getting your riveted bar grating in a timely manner.

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