Standard Expanded Metal vs Flattened Expanded Metal

STANDARD EXPANDED METAL VS FLATTENED EXPANDED METAL   What’s the difference between standard expanded metal vs flattened expanded metal? Flattened expanded metal is simply standard expanded metal that goes through the “cold ro… Read more

Importance of Industrial Safety Grating

THE IMPORTANCE OF INDUSTRIAL SAFETY GRATING   The Importance of Safety Gratings in Industrial Environments A major focus of facility managers in an industrial environment must be for both employees and visitors. Our safety grating products can provide you the peace of mind in knowing you are doing everything possible to maximize the safety of everyone at your worksite. Employee Safety Industrial facilities have almost unlimited opportunities for workers to hurt themselves. When it happens, it can harm the employee, limit productivity, lower morale, and expose the company. For this reason, as a manager, your top priority needs to be to identify potential safety hazards throughout the workplace and reduce or eliminate them… Read more

Marco Is Open and Ready to Serve

MARCO IS OPEN AND READY TO SERVE   Harris County issued a Stay Home-Work Safe order with an exception for businesses providing essential products and services. Marco will be operating under these guidelines along with following safe practices CDC recommends. Our hours of operation are Monday – Friday 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. We are here ready to assist Phone 713-649-5310 Email Pick-up at our facility (prefer by appointment) Shipping via Delivery Service or Common Carrier After hours 24/7 phone 713-705-5942 Read more
2020 BIC Crawfish Boil

Join Marco at the BIC Alliance Crawfish boil on March 26, 2020

BIC ALLIANCE CRAWFISH BOIL MARCH 26, 2020 Please join Marco at the BIC Alliance Crawfish boil on March 26, 2020, to show industry appreciation. 13th Annual BIC INDUSTRY APPRECIATION CRAWFISH BOIL Thursday, March 26, 2020 3:00pm - 7:00pm We are happy to be a sponsor and exhibitor at this annual event.  Come mingle with industrial business leaders. The venue will overlook Galveston bay at the Sylvan Beach Pavillion from 3pm-7pm with plenty of food an… Read more
Why Architects Love Wall Cladding

Why Architects Love Wall Cladding

WHY ARCHITECTS LOVE WALL CLADDING At Marco Specialty Steel, we love the artistic aspect and structure enhancing features of wall cladding. It is a decorative method of covering a wall to make it look like a different material than it’s actually made of. This creates a skin layer over the existing wall. While wall cladding (also called exterior cladding) has some interior applications, it’s most effective and desirable as an exterior architectural component. Architectural Uses Depending on the building and it’s used, wall cladding comes in a variety of applications like wood, brick, reinforced plastic, faux stone, galvanized steel, and aluminum. Metal cladding has many architectural uses that enhance a variety of buildings an… Read more