Advantages of Expanded Metal vs. Standard Security Fencing

While standard security fencing can provide a reliable, cost-effective solution for typical protection tasks, it may not be suitable for high-risk environments. Expanded metal security fencing offers a better alternative in situations that demand more stringent safety apparatuses, such as at power plants, manufacturing facilities, airports, prisons and railways. What Are the Benefits of Expanded Metal Security Fencing? Besides being affordable and resistant to unraveling when cut, high-security expanded metal fencing offers a variety of advantages over standard fencing products: Superior strength: Fencing in high-security areas must be able to withstand the most da… Read more
Perforated Square hole on building

The Modernization of Perforated Metal

The production of perforated metal, which is sheet metal that features holes or slots produced by punching or pressing, has been an essential manufacturing and fabrication process since the mid-19th century. That's when the mining industry employed a primitive version of the technique to produce screens used for filtration. Notable Advancements in the Perforated Metal Process The perforated metal process has come a long way since the formative years of the Industrial Revolution. These days, it is possible to generate a wide variety of perforated metal products faster and more efficiently than ever. The enhancements are the result of the development of several fabrication techniques and equipment over the years, including: Perforation rollers: Perha… Read more
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Why Should You Use TaliAlive Architectural Privacy Panels?

Are you looking to construct a fence line for a luxury home, public building or technical area that offers the ideal combination of privacy and aesthetic appeal? A TaliAlive® architectural privacy fence deserves careful consideration. Made from Cor-ten, a corrosion-resistant steel alloy by Orsogril, TaliAlive® panels redefine traditional ironworking craftsmanship by adding a distinctly modern design flair. What Are the Benefits of Installing a TaliAlive Architectural Privacy Fence? Reasons to use TaliAlive panels for your building projects include: Elegant, timeless architecture: TaliAlive® is a live m… Read more
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Ask Our Experts: What Are Infill Panels?

Before you decide whether infill panels are right for your specific architectural design or other application, you need to have a firm grasp on what they actually are. Infill panels, otherwise called infill walls, are non-load-bearing. They are installed between floors on the primary structural frame of a building to support the structure’s cladding system. These panels are also used internally to create separating walls that enhance acoustic insulation and fire resistance within a building. Originally, infill panels were created mostly from masonry, concrete and other heavy materials. Today’s architectural designs, however, commonly use light metal infill panels to create a high-quality and aesthetical… Read more
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How to Prevent Corrosion on Your Industrial Metal Bar Grating

Metal bar grating is a lattice, or an assembled grid of parallel bearing bars against a series of parallel crossbars that keep the grid sturdy. They’re valuable to cover floors and holes in various buildings, roads and other areas because they provide a sturdy surface while still allowing heat, sound, water, light and air through their openings. The value of gratings is clear, which is a big reason why they’re used as flooring, fencing, stair treads, ventilation screens, catwalks and so much more. One common problem with metal grating that you’ll have to take steps to prevent, however, is corrosion. Methods to Protect Bar Grating From Corrosion [caption id="attachment_7292" align="alignright" w… Read more