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Applications for the Transportation Industry

The transportation industry includes municipal buses, commuter-train systems, subways, container ships for goods transportation, rail and trucking networks, and airlines. Anything that moves people or goods by sea, air or land from one point to another is considered a part of the industry. It employs millions, and it’s crucial to the function of our economies.

In transportation, from the city streets to the skies, it’s essential to provide staff, drivers and travelers with a safe way to get around. It’s critical to secure your facility, whether it’s an airport or a bus station, too. At Marco Specialty Steel, we’ve been custom-fabricating solutions for the transportation industry for more than 25 years and can do the same for you.

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Applications for the Transportation Industry

Our experience with the transportation industry goes way back. We supply and fabricate grating for bridges, highways, railways, tunnels, airports and ports. Our architectural products offer security, functionality and enhanced design. Over time, we’ve not only built up our expertise in the sector but also expanded the products we provide. Custom fabrications we offer include stair treads, vehicular traffic surfaces, walkways, platforms, safety products and more.

Application Links

Walkways and Walking Surfaces

Industrial walkways  –  Industrial safety flooring  –  Trench covers  –  Pedestrian walkways  –  ADA walking surfaces  –  Platforms  –  Mezzanines  –  Stair treads  –  Caged ladders  –  Elevated platforms  –  FRP grating, handrails and structurals

Decking Bridges Vehicle Surfaces

Highway drains –  Rail car applications  –  Vehicle surfaces –  Airport trench covers  –  Vehicle bridges  –  Trench covers

Transportation Products

Infill panels – Seat rails –  Grills –  Muffler guards –  Battery box covers –  Large truck step ladders –  Air intake & ventilation screens


Security fencing  –  Machine guards  –  Handrailing –  Bus safety mesh

Products for the Transportation Industry

With our 35,000 square foot facility that includes a large stock of materials, our team can meet your unique needs with minimal to nonexistent delays. That fast response provides you with your products sooner, which lets you resume or enhance service by your deadline. Products we provide the transportation industry include ladder rungs and stair treads, hex metal and more:

  • Bar grating: At Marco Specialty Steel, we stock a large assortment of grating including welded, heavy-duty, aluminum, press-locked and riveted bar grating to meet the needs of every customer. The transportation industry utilizes grating for many pedestrian uses like walkways, bridges and drain covers. Bar grating stair treads are often used at terminal buildings, bridge decking, and standing platforms. We also have heavy-duty bar grating and riveted grating that is designed for heavy load areas where there is vehicle traffic. This heavy-duty product is routinely used in terminals for trucks and buses, train stations, vehicle bridges, parking lots, and highways.
  • Wire mesh: Known for its remarkable strength and versatility, wire mesh is used in public transportation gates, stair rails, and landings.
  • Expanded metal: Key features of expanded metal include the ability for air, liquid, and light to flow, all while having a nice aesthetic appeal. We carry standard, flattened and expanded metal gratings. Standard, or raised expanded metal is a good choice for security fencing, walkway railings or enclosures. Expanded metal grating is heavy duty and can create catwalk grating which is highly slip-resistant. Common locations where expanded metal is used in the transportation industry include bus or train platforms, walkways, rail enclosures as well as utility trailers.
  • FRP grating and structural shapes: The top benefit of fiberglass grating is that it is lightweight and easy to clean and maintain. Fiberglass grating is completely resistant to rust, making it crucial in many applications that have exposure to the elements. Many walkways, platforms and hand railings take advantage of FRP.
  • Perforated metal: Durable and able to withstand harsh environments, a lot of staircase railings at train stations and bridges are built from perforated metal. We provide perforated sheet metal for many applications such as heat shields, seat rails, muffler internals, air intake screens and more.
  • Safety grating: Safety Grating, for the most part is used in industrial applications. We offer a wide variety of safety grating options that come with an unparalleled level of reliability for safety. Safety grating stair treads are often used for large trucks, 18 wheelers and emergency vehicles.

Materials Available for the Transportation Industry

Ensuring a product’s durability begins with its materials. That’s why we use the best:

  • Stainless steel: We offer more than 10 grades of corrosion-resistant stainless steel at our facility. Choose from 304 to 904L stainless steel for your grating, wire mesh or perforated metal for your project. For outdoor applications in city areas, we recommend the 100 to 200 series.
  • Galvanized steel: Another material that’s advantageous for outdoor use is galvanized steel. This one feature is an additional corrosion protection, which helps your security fencing, platforms, walkways and more last longer.
  • Carbon steel: Safety gratings, stair treads and expanded metal walkways are all products that we fabricate with carbon steel. We carry a wide selection of carbon steel grades, which includes low and very high carbon steel.
  • Aluminum: Design flexibility, energy-saving, and lightweight characteristics are crucial to the transportation industry made up of automotive, sea, air, and public transport. We carry a wide variety of grades and specifications, including custom solutions to meet your needs.
  • Nickel alloys: Nickel is very versatile. Known for its durability and ability to stand up to high-temperatures, this is commonly used in aircraft to ensure safety. The corrosion resistance of nickel alloys, combined with pleasing aesthetics, make for a perfect solution in the manufacturing of passenger rail cars

Marco is Your Best Steel and FRP Provider

At Marco Specialty Steel, our focus is providing superior customer service and products for applications in the transportation industry and beyond. With our more than 20 years of experience and supply of materials, as well as in-house fabrication facility, we’re suited to deliver a complete turnkey solution on-time and within your budget.

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