Metal Fabrication Services

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Marco Specialty Steel fabricates all our products and we offer a host of customized industrial metal fabrication services and architectural fabrication services tailored to your project requirements.

Since 1992, our commitment to excellence has driven us to be the best custom metal fabrication provider in the industry.

We offer complete turnkey fabrication services from start to finish. We are proud of our fabrication projects, so we have a gallery of some of our past projects that shows the quality of work you can expect when you work with us.


Custom Metal Fabrication Services
Custom Metal Fabrication Services

Marco custom fabrication in Houston, TX is fully equipped to deliver premium industrial custom metal-work services quickly and efficiently. Call us today to find out more. Or read our blog to help pick the best metal fabrication company.

Custom Metal Fabrication in Houston Texas

We Customize Any Product We Sell

At Marco Specialty Steel, we take great pride in offering a tremendous selection of metal products in our stock inventory. And these products are available in many different material grades. Companies across the globe, in industries such as refining, offshore drilling, petrochemical, oil and gas, heavy equipment, and many others have come to depend on us whenever they need a high-quality product with minimal lead time.

Did you need rush fabrication services? We are available 24/7 for your convenience. Call our after-hours line: (713) 705-5942

Customized Wire ClothCustom Wire Cloth

Customizing wire cloth (also called wire mesh) is easily fabricated to meet individual needs. Our in-house fabrication shop is equipped with the latest tools to build for industrial or architectural applications. The custom wire cloth possibilities are endless. From simple custom cut wire mesh sheets, to round customized circles of wire, to wire infill panels, to custom baskets or even heavy-duty catalyst support grids, Marco has it covered. Read more…

Custom Perforated Metal, custom punched metalCustom Perforated Metal

Perforated sheet metal fabrication services are our specialty. The photo shows a baffle plate that we laser cut out of ½” PVQ plate. This shows the type of precision custom metal manufacturing we offer. Our talented fabricators are experts at creating custom perforated baskets, custom strainer baskets, machine guards, custom infill panels for buildings, and more. Or if you simply need round perforated disks, we can do that too. Read more…

Expanded Metal FabricatingExpanded Metal Fabricating

Expanded metal is available in standard, flattened, or grating and they are all easily customized. Marco has all the necessary high-tech equipment to create the custom expanded product you need. Some of our capabilities include custom expanded screens, customized expanded metal security gates, custom cut expanded metal sheets for infill panels, and non-slip walking platforms like catwalks. If you would like to see more options we invite you to Read more…

Bar Grating Fabrication ServicesBar Grating Fabrication Services

There are many types of bar grating products that can be customized and we fabricate them all. We customize stair treads, welded grating, and more. Our technical experts have years of experience fabricating bar grating for many industries, such as industrial, manufacturing, and architecture. Whether you need a simple custom cut bar grating, a whole mezzanine platform created, or a custom vessel internal, Marco is your grating fabrication shop. Read more…

Fiberglass Grating Fabrication ServicesCustom Fiberglass Grating

We are experts when it comes to custom fiberglass grating. It comes in many shapes and sizes. We carry molded grating, pultruded and phenolic grating, FRP structural shapes, ladder systems, handrails, and stair treads. And we fabricate it all. Our shop has all the necessary customization tools that are needed and we will organize, number, tag, and ship to your desired location. Marco is your go-to for customized fiberglass grating. Read more…

Custom Orsogril FencingCustom Orsogril Fencing and Grating

Orsogril products are beautiful and functional and are fabricated with ease. The unique, modular design allows for quick and easy assembly without the need for special tools or training. This makes our products perfect for a wide range of applications. Read more…


Customized Safety GratingsCustomized Safety Gratings

Marco’s safety grating products can be fabricated to our client’s needs. Our safety grating options are diamond safety grating, perf safety grating and tread grip safety grating. They all have planks and stair treads. We can make custom platforms, stair treads, walkways, and bridges, just to name a few. Read more…


We understand many companies require specialized metal products that may not be found in our stock inventory. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of custom metal fabrication services that can transform any of our stock products to suit your needs. Whether you need custom-cut pieces, specified material areas, or other special fabrication, we can help.

Marco’s Metal Fabrication Capabilities

We Have the Facilities, Equipment, and Expertise to Handle Your Custom Metal Fabrication Project

As a full-service steel center, we have an on-site fabrication shop that includes a wide assortment of specialized shears, saws, press brakes, rollers, and welding equipment, enabling us to custom fabricate any of our products. Our expert fabricators are equipped with the specific tools they need to produce custom steel products to meet your needs.


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Custom Fabricating Perforated Metal
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Metal Fabrication
Metal Fabrication
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Our capabilities include all types of cutting such as curved or skewed cutouts, straight cutting or notching, and special shapes such as segmented circles. We can successfully execute everything from specialty steel custom fabrication to aluminum fabrication, and even architectural metal fabrication for your products that require maximum aesthetic appeal.

We fabricate all our products including wire cloth, perforated metalexpanded metalbar grating, fiberglass grating, Orsogril® fencing, diamond safety grating, perf safety grating, and hex metal. Our general metal fabrication services include:

  • SMA welding, MIG welding, and TIG welding custom metal fabrication: We’re experts at applying tungsten inert gas (TIG), metal inert gas (MIG), and shielded metal arc (SMA) welding techniques to produce custom metal products for our customers.
  • Spot welding: Our custom industrial fabrication services include resistance spot welding for automotive and electronics industry applications, fencing, and more. We fabricate all our products.
  • Perforating (custom punching): Our advanced custom perforation capabilities enable us to produce a wide range of square, round, slotted and decorative metal options with specific open area percentages.
  • Bar Coding
  • Cutting and shearing: We’ll perform custom cutting and shearing for bar grating panels, perforated metal, expanded sheet metal and plate.
  • Cut to length: If you don’t see the size panel you are looking for, we can cut our products to your exact dimension needed.
  • Plasma cutting: We can use plasma cutting to create custom shapes, designs and panels via high-precision CNC machine programming.
  • Laser cutting and etching: For larger architectural projects we can source laser cutting and etching for structural and artistic applications.
  • Punching: We can punch custom-size slotted, round or square holes in the exact size you need for your manufacturing project.
  • Bending: We’ll bend sheet metal into U-shape, V-shape or channel-shape patterns, as well as any custom shape you require.
  • Notching: Our metal notching services include tube, end, and side notching.
  • Rolling: We can “roll” sheet metal into round or conical shapes to meet specific requirements.
  • Leveling: We’ll execute high-precision roller leveling to produce flat, ripple-free surfaces and eliminate hidden internal stresses.
  • Drilling: Our specialty industrial metal fabrication services include custom drilling projects ranging from basic to complex.
  • Turning: Also known as spinning, we perform expert CNC lathe or hand turning to produce axially symmetric custom parts for various commercial, architectural and artistic applications.
  • Tapping: We use tapping to fabricate custom threads for nuts, bolts, and screws to ensure the perfect fit for your products.
  • Grinding: Grinding is an abrasive machining/cutting process we can tailor to a wide assortment of toolmaking and manufacturing applications.
  • Polishing: Our customized industrial metal fabrication services include polishing for burr removal to enhance the appearance of your metal products.
  • Degreasing: Degreasing is an important surface preparation step for ensuring the adhesion of a coating. We can deliver customized cleaning and degreasing services for your metal parts and components.
  • PVC application: In addition to metal, we can deliver custom-tailored fabrication services for PVC and other synthetic plastic materials.

Custom Fabricated Infill Panels

Marco Specialty Steel fabricates custom infill panels using wire cloth, perforated metal, expanded metal, and even bar grating. We will work with your drawings, fabricate to your specs, then tag each piece for easy installation.

Stair Tread Fabrication

In our Houston based warehouse we stock many different stair tread options like bar grating stair treads, fiberglass stair treads, diamond treads, perf treads, tread grip treads, and even ladder rungs. If the standard size doesn’t fit your needs, or you need additional stabilizing bars added, we can handle that. We will fabricate to your exact specifications.


Custom Cut Molded Grating
Custom Welded Bar Grating
Tubes and Cylinders
Custom Metal Fabrication
Custom Metal Fabrication


Houston’s Best Metal Fabricator

We Can Work With Your Drawings or Blueprints

We make the process of custom fabrication as easy as possible. Our staff includes technical experts who can read your drawings or blueprints and use them to create a customized print takeoff list that meets your specifications. Simply upload your drawings here on our website or send them via fax, email attachment, or overnight mail, and we’ll get back to you with a no-obligation project quote.

Marco Specialty Steel: An Experienced Metal Fabricator You Can Trust

Marco Specialty Steel, located in Houston Texas, has been providing fast, cost-effective custom metal fabrication solutions since 1992. Our goal is to help all customers obtain the exact product they need for their unique applications. You will appreciate working with an experienced metal fabrication company that makes customer service a top priority.

Contact Our Houston, TX Company for More Information About Our Customized Industrial Metal Fabrication Services

If custom metal fabrication makes sense for your company, Marco Specialty Steel is ready to work with you to help you achieve your manufacturing objectives. Feel free to send us your project specs and we’ll respond promptly with our proposal — at no obligation to you.

Contact us to learn more about our complete selection of custom metal fabrication services today.

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