Stadiums and Entertainment Industry

Specialty Steel Products & FRP Products and Applications for Stadium Entertainment Venues

When you’re designing a stadium for sports, events and other entertainment, it’s crucial to incorporate specialty steel products like security fencing, louvers, rails and other products to keep visitors safe and maintain comfort while still allowing proper visibility and airflow. You’ll find that a number of specialty steel designs make ideal structures in this type of environment.

Let’s take a look at some of the most common applications and products, all of which you can get from Marco Specialty Steel.

Applications for the Stadiums and Entertainment Industry

Safety is of utmost importance to both guests and entertainers when inside a stadium or entertainment arena. That is why it is common for security guards, crowd control barricades, and steel security fencing to be present at large-scale events – to provide security and safety. Steel barricades for crowd control can be created to not hinder visibility and airflow.

Marco provides specialty steel and fiberglass grating options for stadiums and entertainment venues that are durable and aesthetically pleasing while increasing security and safety without compromising any viewing angles.

Application Links

Walkways and Walking Surfaces

Trench covers  –  Pedestrian walkways  –  Stadium walkways –  ADA walking surfaces  –  Platforms  –  Stair treads
–  Caged ladders  –  Crossover platforms  –  Elevated platforms  –  Pipe bridges  –  FRP grating  –  Handrails and structural shapes

Decking Bridges Vehicle Surfaces

Vehicle surfaces  –  Trolley or train bridges  –  Parking garages  –  Vehicle bridges  –  Trench covers

Products for Stadiums and Entertainment Venues

Louvers –  Infill panels – Signage  –  Wall cladding –  Building facades  –  Stadium fence panels–  Sunscreens –  Trash containment –  Ventilation –  Wastewater screens


Security fencing  –  Barricades  –  Handrailing

Products to Create the Correct Areas for Stadiums and Entertainment Venues

The following fabricated metal products are ideal for designing the perfect stadium, as they’re used in common requirements of functional and appealing entertainment venues. The following are perfect for screening, grilles, security and other fencing, walkways and platforms, facades and more:

  • Bar grating: For reliable load-bearing paneled surfaces that are used often in stadiums, choose bar grating. You can get heavy-duty, riveted, welded, press-locked, aluminum and even bar grating stair treads for safety and reliability. After all, visitors to the stadium will likely need to move from level to level. Bar grating stair treads are used in stadiums often for high traffic areas where strength and durability are important.
  • Expanded metal: Popular for its lightweight paired with uncompromised strength, expanded metal is ideal for many applications. It’s frequently seen as concrete reinforcement, security fencing and patio furniture material — but we can work with you to help it fit well into your overall plan.
  • Orsogril®As a leading solution for architectural and industrial products, Orsogril fencing products are ideal for both architectural and industrial assignments. Their fencing products include louvered panels, wall cladding, grating panels and more. Recintha Stadium Wire Panels or Stadion Grating Panels are top fencing options for stadiums because they are elegant, sturdy, and provide excellent see-through properties so no one’s view is obstructed.
  • Perforated metal: Whether you need square hold patterns, slotted, round hole patterns or ornamental and decorative patterns, we’ll find and fabricate the perfect solution for your stadium. For filtration, ventilation, architectural fixtures and countless other applications, perforated metals are an optimum choice for high function paired with appealing aesthetics.
  • Infill panelsThe non-load-bearing panels that form these infill walls are installed between the levels of a structural frame. They’re often used as internal separating walls to enhance acoustic insulation and fire resistance. Parking garages also use infill panels made of wire or expanded metal for security and screening.
  • Wire mesh: Our wire cloth, which has unlimited applications, is used by countless companies for stadiums across the globe. This wire cloth is versatile enough to be made out of any material. At Marco, we can provide welded wire cloth, woven wire mesh or any other product you might need when you reach out to us with your requirements. Wire mesh is a good material to use for walkways, barricades due to its strength and airflow capability. Wire mesh is also used for architectural details such as signs, plaques and wall cladding.
  • Safety grating: Safety floor grating and stair treads are commonly used for entertainment venues backstage or where slippery walkways and stairs can be a hazard. Marco stocks different types of safety flooring so call for availability.
  • FRP: Since stadiums tend to be outdoors, FRP or fiberglass grating, is an ideal product due to its resistance to rust. Non-slip walking surfaces, stair treads, and handrails benefit most from fiberglass grating.

Materials for Stadiums and Entertainment Venues

We stock our in-house fabrication facility, which covers 35,000 square feet, with high-quality materials:

  • Stainless steel: Keep guests safe at concerts, games, and large events in all entertainment venues with steel security fencing.
  • Aluminum: Commonly used in stadiums and venues for bleachers and crowd control. Through the use of aluminum crowd control barricades, guests are protected from electrical equipment or stages, while performers are protected from raucous crowds.
  • Nickel alloys: Resistant to heat and corrosion, nickel alloys are especially useful in outdoor stadiums and entertainment venues because they can withstand the harshest of weather conditions.
  • Galvanized steel: A high-level of resistance to rust and corrosion, galvanized steel is a great choice for bleachers and other support structures in stadiums and entertainment venues.

Choose a Leader for Your Specialty FRP and Steel Products for Stadiums

To design the perfect stadium, you’ll need a variety of fabrication services and customization at your fingertips. This requirement makes Marco Specialty Steel the ideal solution. We’ll work with you to come up with the right final product. Your goals are our goals, and our expert fabricators know how to work with you to reach the proper solution.

Contact us right away to discuss your questions and requirements.