How to Order Wire Cloth

How to Order Wire Cloth

Ordering Wire Mesh from Marco Is Easy

How to Order Wire Mesh Cut to Size

Your order will be expedited more quickly if you have the following details available.

Please specify:

  1. Quantity: number of standard rolls and their widths, or lengths of a partial roll and its width. (When ordering wire cloth cut to size, specify the number of pieces, exact part size and required cutting tolerances)
  2. Material/Finish Type: 304 stainless steel, carbon, etc. See wire cloth materials
  3. Piece Size: Width and Length
  4. Wire Diameter: in decimals, thousands of an inch. See wire diameter table
  5. Wire Opening: provide mesh count per lineal inch or width of opening (clear opening between wires) in inches. Also state if square, rectangular or other type of opening shape.
  6. Construction:
    a. Woven: specify type of weave, see crimp & weave styles
    b. Welded: specify edge wire requirement, see trim & stub options
  7. Crimp Style: if required
  8. For Rectangular Opening: state direction the slot is to run
  9. Use of wire cloth: (optional)
  10. Type of certification: if required
  11. Delivery: date and shipping instructions

Wire Mesh Welded_How-to-Order

Think about:

  • Application or use of the product (including environment)
  • Physical requirements, opening size, percent of open area (send a sample of wire cloth currently being used if possible)

How to Order Wire Cloth Rolls

Standard rolls are understood to be 100 linear feet (30.48 meters), but may vary in length by 10%. Upon request, rolls longer than 100 feet can be woven to meet your special requirements. “Partial” rolls up to 99 linear feet (30.18 meters) available.


Most stock materials are 36 (914.4 mm), 48 (1219.2 mm) or 60 (1524.0 mm) wide, but many items can be supplied in increments from 24 (609.6 mm) to 96 (2438.4 mm). Widths less than 24 (609.6 mm) are generally slit from wider stock. However, widths narrower than 24 with selvage edges can be manufactured.

If rolls are to be cut prior to use, select lengths or widths from stock can often be used, reducing delivery times and costly waste. Clearly specify loop selvage if required. For special cut shapes, baskets, filters strainers or other components please include your drawings. We can custom fabricate any special requirements such as notching, bolt holes, special shape, bending, forming, calendering, etc. Call Marco today for personalized customer service, quick turnaround times and high quality wire cloth.

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