Rooftop Walkway System Fabrication

rooftop-walkway-systemsRooftop Walkway & Platform Systems

Are you in need of new or improved rooftop walkway systems? Rooftop platform systems are practical for the maintenance and inspection of your facility. They allow free movement for any rooftop tasks to be performed, but also provide safe working conditions for your employees.

Marco Specialty Steel will not only read your blueprints and drawings, but we also take advantage of our strength as a leading fabricator of industrial materials and components to offer the best custom roof walkway systems around.



Rooftop Support Applications

  • Rooftop duct supports
  • Rooftop piping supports
  • Rooftop conduit/gas supports
  • Rooftop cable tray supports
  • Rooftop mechanical equipment supports
  • Rooftop Solar supports
  • Rooftop crossover walkways
  • Rooftop walkway ramps
  • Rooftop roofwalk systems
  • Guardrail/handrail
  • Fall protection systems
Rooftop Walkway System Fabrication
FRP Crossover Platform
Bar Grating Rooftop Walkway
FRP-Crossover-platforms on roof
FRP Crossover Platforms







Custom Fabrication Adapted to Your Needs

When it comes to rooftop walkway safety, you simply can’t accept compromise. That’s why choosing a custom fabricator is critical. Our rooftop walkway systems are adapted to your particular needs in terms of:

  • Layout: We’ll use your plans, specs and blueprints to fabricate a roof walkways system that’s perfectly adapted to your space and rooftop conditions. We can avoid obstacles and adjust to elevation changes and various rooftop materials, so you don’t have to make costly and time-consuming modifications to your existing facility or installations.
  • Durability: Rooftop walkways and crossover platform systems are subjected to different stresses and conditions than interior industrial walkways and crossovers. We apply our industry-leading custom materials (such as tubing, grating and railings) to achieve a balance of durability and flexibility. Our experience allows us to ensure quality fabrication for every custom project.
  • Corrosion: Resistance to corrosion is extremely important when considering a supplier for your custom rooftop platform system. At Marco Specialty Steel, we specialize in many types of industrial fabrication materials and understand the need for corrosion-resistant base materials, coatings and treatments to give you years of reliable rooftop walkway use.

For greater strength and durability, we select the materials necessary for each component:

  • Frames: Your rooftop walkway frame needs to be able to withstand stress and wear, as well as environmental conditions. Our galvanized 12-gauge carbon steel and 12-gauge stainless steels resist corrosion and bending.
  • Walkway planking: Rooftop walkway planking needs to provide corrosion resistance and safe walking conditions. We accomplish this by using thick 18-gauge steel that has been hot dip galvanized to resist corrosion and contains serrations for water drainage and grip.
  • Base materials: The base materials of your custom walkway roof system need to be both resistant and stable. Our choice of black high-density and high-impact polypropylene gives you UV- and weather resistance for years of durability.

Contact Us Today to Learn More About Our Rooftop Walkway Options

We invite you to upload your drawing and blueprint files right here on our site so we can get started studying your project. You can also send them by email, fax or overnight mail, or simply give us a call at 713-649-5310. Our team will answer any questions you might have and create the rooftop walkway system you need.

Let’s get started together right now and provide the safe, practical rooftop walkways or upgrades your industrial installation is missing. We’ll include all of the access points you need and include our proven fabrication for walkways, ramps, stairs and crossovers. Starting with our unique Marco Specialty Steel industrial walkway components allows us to save time, since we carry a stock of major components and can modify them as necessary to quickly create your custom rooftop platform system.

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