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Wire cloth, also known as wire mesh or wire fabric, is renowned for its remarkable versatility. The distinguishing characteristic of wire mesh is the matrix of wires that are arranged at 90-degree angles. Wire cloth products can be made from virtually any type of metal, including stainless steel, copper, aluminum, nickel, molybdenum, and many others.

Marco stocks a huge amount of wire mesh products and fabricate them for applications ranging from catalyst support grids to architectural infill panels.


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Woven Wire : see table
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Welded Wire : see table

Woven vs. Welded Wire Mesh Products

The two most common types of wire mesh used in manufacturing include woven and welded. Woven wire mesh is more difficult to produce, as it requires a careful arrangement of the wires in an interlocking pattern and the use of a weaving loom ram to crimp them into place. This results in a higher quality — and somewhat more expensive — wire cloth product. Welded wire mesh products consist of a series of parallel wires that are welded together at the point of intersection. Welded wire offers added strength and versatility — it can easily be formed in various shapes via cutting or bending without causing the wires to separate. You can view all of our crimp and weave styles in our documents & specs section.

Marco Specialty Steel: The Top Wire Mesh Supplier in Houston, TX and Beyond

As one of the leading industrial metal fabric suppliers, Marco Specialty Steel is proud to offer an extensive selection of premium woven and welded wire mesh products for any application. We supply many different material grades like copper, aluminum, nickel, or stainless steel wire mesh. Our product lineup includes:

market grade wire clothMarket-Grade Wire Cloth: see table

Market-grade is a woven wire mesh product that features a wide range of commonly-used diameter and mesh wire combinations. Wire mesh cloth manufacturers can use various types of metals to create market-grade mesh products in a large assortment of openings per linear inch. Examples of typical wire-grade cloth applications include filtration and separation, building, and construction. Read more…

space cloth wire meshSpace Cloth Wire Mesh: see table

Space cloth is amenable to both woven and welded wire mesh manufacturing/fabrication processes. Space cloth gets its name from the specified space between wire strands that characterizes its design and construction. We offer space cloth products in a wide range of open area percentages to meet your requirements. Our wire mesh inventory includes a wide variety of space cloth options. Read more…

refinery grade wire mesh

Refinery-Grade Wire Mesh

Specifically designed for industrial industries, woven and welded refinery-grade mesh can meet the stringent requirements of oil, natural gas, and other refineries where reliable performance is an absolute necessity. Examples of products that can benefit from refinery-grade mesh include pipe fittings, catalyst support grids, and more. Key refinery-grade mesh characteristics include a rigid, design and a continuous slot construction that minimizes the risk of plugging. Read more…

galvanized hardware clothGalvanized Hardware Cloth: see table

Welded or woven galvanized hardware cloth is manufactured with a hot-dip galvanization process that applies a corrosion-resistant zinc coating. This makes galvanized hardware cloth a great choice for outdoor applications to minimize damage from exposure to moisture and other elements. This light gauge product is frequently used for outdoor fencing, building and construction applications, pest control solutions, and more. Read more…

mill grade wire clothMill-Grade Wire Cloth: see table

Mill-grade wire cloth is essentially a lightweight version of market-grade cloth. Typically made from stainless steel — although aluminum, brass, and copper are often used — mill-grade cloth features thinner, lighter wire diameters and a reduced amount of open area. Common mill-grade applications include flour sifting and milling, seed and feed sifting, and other screening processes involving lighter materials. Read more…

wire filter cloth

Wire Filter Cloth: see table

Filter cloth is a woven wire mesh product known for its remarkable durability. Filter cloth consists of a strong, heavy warp wire that is ideally suited for demanding screening and filtering applications. It’s also an excellent choice for separating slurry and liquid materials. Marco offers filter cloth in numerous weave styles including Plain Dutch, Twilled Dutch, and Reverse Plain Dutch. Read more…

bolting wire clothBolting Wire Cloth: see table

Stainless steel bolting wire cloth is super-strong mesh material featuring thin, smooth, flexible, resilient wires precisely woven group of meshes that provide enhanced screening capabilities and faster bolting action. Bolting wire cloth characteristics include a square weave pattern, a smooth flat surface, and a thin structure. The stainless steel material provides excellent protection against corrosion and is a popular choice for sifting and screening applications. Read more…

architectural wire cloth

Architectural Wire Cloth: see table

Architectural wire mesh is a good source for design professionals and architects. It is functional and has an aesthetic appeal that designers appreciate. We have a ton of beautiful wire, created specifically for architectural uses which are considered architectural wire. And sometimes our clients use standard, market grade wire in their buildings or schools. Read more…

Considerations When Choosing Wire Cloth Products

In addition to the choice of woven or welded wire mesh, there are other factors to consider when choosing wire cloth products including:

  • Mesh size: Mesh size indicates the diameter of the openings in the mesh, which affects its ability to screen the materials that pass through it. The mesh size can range from a few microns to several inches in diameter. See our Wire Diameter Tables here.
  • Mesh count: The mesh count is the number of wires found within one linear inch. The higher the mesh count, the smaller the openings in the mesh will be.
  • Weave type: If you choose woven wire cloth, you will need to determine the appropriate weave type, as this will also have an impact on filtering ability. The weave type is a function of the pattern of the warp (vertical) and weft (horizontal) wire. The warp and weave wires can feature the same or differing diameters, depending on the application.

If you’re not sure what some of these terms mean, refer to our convenient wire cloth definitions glossary for clarification.

When measuring wire cloth, it is important to understand the difference between “mesh” and “opening”:

Mesh: Mesh indicates the number of openings per lineal inch. To calculate mesh, measure from the center of a wire to a point 1” distant, and count the number of openings. The diagram below shows four openings in 1″, which indicates a 4 mesh wire. Mesh may also be expressed in inches. For example, a measurement of 1/4” from center to center is a 1/4” mesh.

Opening: The opening is the measurement of the clear open space between the parallel wires. When this measurement is used it’s called space cloth which is pre-crimped woven wire.

wire cloth
Mesh, Center to Center Measurement
wire mesh, Opening Measurement
Opening Measurement

wire mesh count



Marco Specialty Steel: The Best Choice in Wire Mesh Suppliers

Marco offers a wide assortment of high-quality woven and welded wire mesh products, as well as related products such as space cloth and filter cloth. In addition to our stock offerings, we can provide custom wire cloth products for your specific applications. We also include a wide variety of value-added wire cloth fabrication services such as calendaring, shearing, slitting, bending and many others. We also stock wire cloth accessories you may require to complete your project.

We Make Customer Service Our Top Priority

In addition to our superior products and extensive customization capabilities, what makes Marco Specialty Steel one of the leading metal fabric suppliers in Houston, TX and beyond is our focus on providing the best possible service to our customers. We’re known throughout the industry for fast turnaround times that help our customers maintain their tight production schedules, as well as our detail-oriented business approach.

Contact us today to learn more about our complete selection of wire cloth products and services and how they can benefit your manufacturing operation. We’ll also be happy to provide a no-obligation quote.

Learn how Marco Specialty Steel can be of service! Follow our guide on how to order wire cloth products and specify custom fabrication.

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