Catwalk Grating Fabrication

Catwalk Grating FabricationCustom Catwalk Grating

Custom catwalk grating must be fabricated from tough materials that can stand the test of time. These long catwalk walkways are safe, economical, durable, and low maintenance. We construct them from bar grating, expanded metal grating, safety grating, and our fiberglass grating products. Our catwalk grating fabrication team is here to build to your custom specifications.

When your employees need safe access to elevated, hard-to-reach areas contact us to build them for you.



Marcos Catwalk Grating Fabrication

Why Choose Marco Specialty Steel to Fabricate Your Catwalk?

Since 1992 we have had a long-standing reputation as an honest and qualified metal supplier and fabricator. We are dedicated to living up to our motto: Quality, Speed & Reliability. Read more about us, see an overview of our fabrication capabilities, or contact us to find out more.

Marco’s Catwalk Grating Products

Marco Specialty Steel has a vast amount of steel and fiberglass grating products, in stock and ready to be delivered or fabricated into a custom catwalk grating to fit your needs. Below are our catwalk grating products, their uses, and individual benefits.

Welded Bar Grating Catwalk

Bar grating catwalks are extremely strong and durable. Bar grating is one of the most used metals for these walkways. There are many materials to choose from, like aluminum, galvanized steel, mild carbon steel, or stainless steel. These heavy-duty catwalk walkways are available in several different bearing bar sizes to meet your needs. You may also choose from 2 anti-slip surfaces; smooth top or serrated. Our clients often order bar grating stair treads with this product.

Expanded metal catwalk grating is heavy-duty expanded metal that is turned to create a slip-resistant, long elevated walkway. This grating product is a lightweight option available in galvanized or carbon steel. If you would like more information, see our expanded metal grating page.

Pultruded Fiberglass Grating (FRP)

Fiberglass catwalk grating products are available in molded, pultruded, and fire-resistant phenolic. The steps of the catwalk can be made from our fiberglass stair treads and the frame and handrails can be engineered out of fiberglass structural shapes and FRP handrail systems. Benefits include:

  • Non-slip
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Extreme durability
  • Non-conductive (heat and electric)
  • Lightweight material
  • Non-corrosive
  • Will not warp, shrink, or swell

Safety catwalk grating is available in diamond safety grating, perf safety grating, and tread grip safety grating. These options are not as well known but are still a good option.

Industrial Catwalk Grating Uses and Applications

Industrial catwalks are well known in many industries that require safe, long walkways at tall heights. They are also used when safety is a concern for elevated pedestrian walkways.

  • Billboard walkways
  • Wastewater treatment walkways
  • Conveyor crossover
  • Commercial suspended walkways
  • Help to avoid heavy forklift or truck traffic
  • Industrial elevated walkways
  • Access in attic spaces or above clean rooms
  • Equipment access in or around a facility
  • Connect existing mezzanines to second-floor space
Wastewater treatment walkway
Wastewater Treatment Walkway
Suspended Catwalk Grating
Offshore Painted Catwalk
Expanded Metal Catwalk Grating







Supported Catwalk Grating

Suspended, Supported, or Self-Supporting Catwalks

Our fabricated catwalks, also known as elevated walkways, can be built to be used indoors or outdoors. They allow access between buildings, over equipment and machinery, and to elevated areas that require frequent attention. Below are a few ways they can be installed.

  • Suspended catwalk grating is securely hung from the ceiling. It is often an elevated walkway to conveyor systems in material handling settings. It’s also a good solution for access to industrial equipment, including hoppers, tanks, and silos. They can also be found in sporting arenas and other large buildings with high ceilings.
  • Floor-supported catwalks are “built-in” and attached to the floor. These are often supported by our stair treads.
  • Self-supporting catwalk grating is similar to our crossover platforms. The biggest distinction is the length of the walkway, which can make a big difference when ordering the correct material.

Considerations When You Order

  • Corrosive environments
  • Wet or slippery conditions
  • Weight of the grate
  • Appropriate size and gauge
  • OSHA safety standards

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