Architectural Expanded Metal

architectural expanded metal; expanded metal; marco metal Architectural Expanded Metal Products

Expanded metal derives its name from the stretching of the material that results from the shearing of the metal plate, creating a diamond-shaped pattern. Expanded metal adds an architectural feature and an attractive design flair that is favored by architects and other design professionals.

The use of architectural expanded metal mesh and screens can also reduce energy consumption and eliminate indoor and outdoor pollutants, helping builders earn credits toward LEED certification.


Expanded Architectural Infill Panels

Infill panels built using expanded metal are an economical way to add a distinctive look to your building or school. We fabricate the panels to your specific dimensions, tag, and number each panel, then ship them directly to worksites for easy installation.

Architectural expanded-metal; marco expanded; expanded
Expanded Metal Building Facade
Architectural expanded-metal; marco expanded; expanded
Parking Garage Security Gate
Architectural expanded-metal; marco expanded; expanded metal
Expanded Metal Panels


Architectural Expanded Metal Characteristics and Applications

Expanded metal products for architecture feature a strong, rigid yet lightweight structure, which makes it one of the most versatile metals on the market. It also permits the passage of heat, air, light, and sound.

Applications and Uses

When combined with its aesthetic appeal and environmental benefits, these properties make architectural expanded metal ideally suited for applications requiring increased security and privacy, excellent ventilation, and wherever appearance is important. Products typically made from architectural expanded metal screens and sheets include:

  • Sunscreens
  • Architectural interior partitions and barriers: If you’re planning a commercial or office space, chances are you’ll need to consider architectural interior partitions or barriers. Partitions made of expanded metal can provide privacy, reduce noise levels, and help to create a more efficient work environment.
  • Architectural for a building’s façade: The architectural design of a building facade is a critical aspect of its appearance and functionality. The facade must be designed to meet the specific needs of the building and its occupants, while also creating a pleasing aesthetic.
  • Security walls and partitions
  • Walls, ceilings, floors, and doors
  • Grilles
  • Building cladding
  • Parking garage panels
  • Walkway handrails and balcony railings
  • Infill panels
  • Shelving and room dividers

Standard vs Flattened

We offer both standard/regular and flattened architectural metal. Regular architectural expanded metal is an open mesh that is simultaneously die-cut and expanded as it moves through a series of progressive dies on a press. The flattened version undergoes a cold rolling process that reduces the sheet thickness and stretches the pattern, resulting in a smoother, flatter finish.

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Custom Architectural Expanded Metal

Customized Architectural Expanded Metal

Do you require custom stair treads, room dividers, shelving, or other expanded metal products for architecture for your facility or worksite? It’s never a problem at Marco Specialty Steel. We have a fully equipped on-site fabrication department where we can transform any product in our extensive inventory to meet specific customer requirements. We can work with your own drawings and blueprints.

Additional Value-Added Services

In addition to our huge selection of stock and custom products, we offer a wide range of architectural expanded metal services. Below are a few examples of our custom fabrication services:

Architectural Expanded Metal Supplier and Fabricator

Who Is Marco Specialty Steel?

At Marco Specialty Steel, we’ve been finding reliable solutions to the most difficult metals industry challenges since 1992. We’re known for our fast project turnaround times, close attention to detail, and willingness to do whatever it takes to achieve our goal of total customer satisfaction. Our modern, 35,000-square-foot facility in Houston, TX can accommodate projects for customers in a diverse range of architectural industries including architectural firms, parks and zoos, building maintenance companies, restaurant designers, and many others.

Other Architectural Metal Options

Are you still searching for the perfect architectural metal alternative? We stock a wide range of options. Check out our architectural wire, perforated metal, bar grating, or Orsogril®. Our FRP products are sometimes used as well.

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When the time comes for your next architectural expanded metal project, be sure to contact the professionals at Marco Specialty Steel. We’ll be happy to provide a no-obligation project quote and discuss your unique customization requirements.

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