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Applications for Schools

As places of learning and growth, schools need to be safe and comfortable for everyone, from students to staff members. Teachers, administration and parents all want to know that students will be safe when they enter school grounds, and anyone who spends time in a school also wants the classrooms, halls and gathering spaces to appear clean and functional — the more aesthetically pleasing the space, the more easily students and faculty can focus.

Applications for Schools

To meet expectations and create a welcoming, accessible learning environment, many architects and construction managers turn to specialty steel and fabricated metal products during renovations and new construction. At Marco Specialty Steel, we provide a large selection of steel and fabricated metal products suitable for use in school environments.

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Walkways and Walking Surfaces

Pedestrian walkways  –  ADA walking surfaces  –  Tree grating  –  Playground paths – Trench covers  –  Stairs  –  Walkway – Sidewalk grates – Stair treads

School Applications

Ventilation  –  Filtration  –  Louvers  –  Wall cladding  –  Sun shades and sunscreens  – Interior screens  – Water fountain and waterfall features  –  Infill panels  –  Partitions –  Barricades  –  Ceiling applications –  Trash containment – Fences – Playground enclosures


Security fencing  –  Hand railings – Railing infill panels – Security window covers

Specialty Steel and Metal Products for Schools

There are many common uses of specialty steel in schools, including creating walkways, doors, security fencing, stair rails, and even furniture. Marco Specialty Steel keeps a large inventory in our 35,000-square-foot facility, so we can quickly meet your project specifications.

When designing or improving a structure, schools particularly benefit from the following:

  • Bar grating: Often used to create sturdy walkways capable of supporting heavy loads — including groups of students — bar grating provides stability and durability. Our bar grating comes in bar depths of 1 to 8 inches. Availability includes press-locked, riveted, aluminum, welded bar grating, and bar grating stair treads. Bar grating can be used for its aesthetic appeal while taking advantage of its strength and screening abilities.
  • Orsogril® fencing: Marco stocks selective Orsogril fencing products which are a great option for when you are looking to create a safe and secure design without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. It is available in grating panels, wire fence panels, louvered panels and wall cladding. All of which are an elegant, secure option when designing the perfect space.
  • Expanded metal: Schools use expanded metal products to create handrails, fences, interior screens and more. A small open-air percentage in the mesh can prevent items from slipping through and act as a guard as students move up and down stairs. Using flattened expanded metal ensures there are no sharp edges, making the product appropriate for school use.
  • Pultruded fiberglass grating: Aesthetically pleasing and skid-resistant, pultruded fiberglass grating is ideal for school walkways both indoors and outdoors. We offer pultruded fiberglass grating with open area as small as 33%. Molded fiberglass grating is also available.
  • Wire mesh: To create a security fence around the school, a great option is to choose wire mesh. We offer wire mesh in all sizes, materials and open areas to allow versatility. Wire mesh is often fabricated into infill panels which are used throughout learning facilities to create indoor barriers, partitions, handrails and more.
  • Perforated metal: Available in round, square, slotted and ornamental punch patterns, perforated metal sheets offer versatility and attractive appearance. Schools use perforated metal to shield students from sun glare, safety barriers and keep them safe on balconies and staircases. Perforated metal infill panels are a common solution for many areas.
  • FRP grating: Fiberglass grating (FRP) provides slip resistance and aesthetic appeal, which is why schools use it to create walkways and wheelchair ramps. Marco Specialty Steel stocks 16 standard FRP grating products that are suitable for wheelchair use as well as walking paths. We also have FRP stair treads available.

Materials for Use in School Construction

The material chosen for use in school construction or design project impacts the structure’s safety and aesthetic appearance. Marco Specialty Steel supplies schools with products made from the following materials:

  • Stainless steel: Stainless steel is the most common material used due to its strength and non-corrosive ability. It is used throughout schools and can be ideal for use in school kitchens and cafeterias due to its high level of corrosion resistance.
  • Galvanized steel: Used to create security doors due to its weather-resistant and dent-resistant nature. Galvanized steel doors are difficult to pry open, making them a strong choice for security. As a result, door manufacturers even create bullet-resistant galvanized steel doors for added security.
  • Carbon steel: Due to its strength, carbon steel is used to create school doors that can withstand earthquakes and extreme weather events.
  • Aluminum: Aluminum is used to create aesthetically pleasing school features, including stair rails, handrails, and decorative fencing, to name a few.
  • Nickel alloys: Most often used in school piping and boiler rooms due to their corrosion resistance and high performance in steam and water environments.

Your Source for Specialty Steel and Metal Fabrication

Schools need specialty steel and other metal products to create safe and aesthetically pleasing environments. Marco Specialty Steel provides standard steel products and custom metal fabrication to meet the needs of schools. With more than 25 years of experience, we have the knowledge and dedication to provide accurate quotes and deliver high-quality products.

To discuss the details of your school construction or design project with an expert, contact us today.