Wire Cloth Fabrication

wire cloth fabrication

Wire Cloth Fabricating

Whether you prefer to call it wire cloth or wire mesh, this strong yet remarkably versatile material can be used for a variety of protection and support manufacturing applications. Fabricated wire mesh products can be welded or woven.

It can be formed into various shapes by cutting or bending the wire, while the latter features an interlocking pattern that results in a higher-quality product. Both types can be used effectively with numerous types of metal, including copper, aluminum and stainless steel, to mention just a few. To see a small sample of our work check out our Fabrication Photo Gallery.



Wire Cloth Fabrication Support Screen

Custom Wire Cloth Fabrication Services

Marco Specialty Steel is your headquarters for an extensive selection of stock wire-cloth products for companies across a broad spectrum of industries, including refining, onshore and offshore drilling, parks and zoos, and mining. We have the capability to provide custom fabricated wire mesh/cloth solutions to create the specialized product your business needs. We will develop and fabricate a product with the ideal shape, mesh size, mesh count and/or weave type for virtually any application.

Wire Mesh Fabrication Services

  • Cutting and shearing
  • Welding
  • Slitting
  • Stamping and notching
  • Forming
  • Edging
  • Rolling and straightening

Customizable Wire Cloth Products and Materials

Our custom wire mesh products include woven, welded, market grade wire mesh, space cloth, refinery grade wire, galvanized hardware cloth, mill grade wire mesh, filter cloth, bolting cloth, and sintered mesh. Our metal materials include aluminumcarbon steelstainless steelgalvanized steel, and exotic nickel alloys such as the Monel series.

Custom Wire Cloth Fabrication for Numerous Applications

  • Wire mesh infill panels: custom wire cloth infill panels for every industry used in architectural applications
  • Wire mesh baskets: baskets used for sorting, screening, sifting, and other processes in the petroleum, mineral, chemical and food industries
  • Wire strainer baskets: baskets with a cross-member on the bottom used for a fire pump suction and other underwater machines, which are especially useful to diving and marine companies
  • Wire mesh baskets: custom made to your specification, baskets may also be made of expanded or perforated metal
  • Wire mesh cylinders: cylinders with or without edge preparation used for efficiently separating solids from flowing liquids
  • Wire mesh discs: used for filtering applications in industries such as petroleum, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, and ship manufacturing
  • Wire mesh filters: can serve as catalyst support screens, hot gas filtration and spin pack and extruder screens
  • Wire mesh trays: customized wire mesh trays in various sizes, metal types, and configurations for numerous industrial and commercial applications
  • Conical strainers: cone strainers or temporary strainers are cost-effective for start-up applications
  • Cone strainers: filtering devices that provide protection for mechanical equipment such as pumps, valves, and meters
  • Cap screens: designed to fit into printing equipment sub-frames to enable printing on a curve
  • Cup screens: rotating screens used in water and waste treatment processes
  • Temporary pipeline strainers: used to process filtration and for protecting mechanical components from impact in products such as drinking water filters, medical devices and agricultural sprayers
  • Extruder screens: used as a filtering component during extrusion
wire cloth fabrication
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wire cloth fabrication
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Wire Cloth Fabrication Infill Panels
Wire Cloth Fabrication Infill Panels

Architectural Wire Cloth Fabrication

Marco Specialty Steel provides custom architectural wire-cloth fabrication services to meet the demands of architects, engineers, and other design professionals. Our custom products will provide the design and safety benefits required for applications such as stair rails, parking garages, and fall protection.

wire cloth fabrication shop
Marco’s Wire Mesh Fab Shop

We Have a State-of-the-Art Metal Fabrication Shop

Our modern 35,000-square-foot Houston facility includes a fully equipped, state-of-the-art fabrication shop where we can transform any stock wire product into the customized solution that will meet your exact requirements.

Our fabrication shop features the latest equipment — such as saws, shears, rollers and welding machinery — that can accommodate just about any type of custom wire-cloth fabrication project. Just as important, our staff will work with your existing drawings or blueprints to deliver the result you are looking for.

Learn More About Our Custom Wire Mesh/Cloth Fabrication Services

Marco Specialty Steel has been providing fast, reliable wire cloth fabrications since 1992. Over the course of a quarter-century in business, we’ve established a stellar reputation as one of the top specialty-steel solutions providers in the USA. What’s more, we implement the most stringent quality control procedures for every project. Contact us for more information about our custom wire-mesh fabrication services and to get a no-obligation project quote today.

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