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custom vesel internalsCustom Vessel Internals

There are many types of vessel internals, used in many different industries. Like tower internals and reactor internals. Quality is key when it comes to pressure vessel internals. Designed to contain certain fluids, liquids or solids, industrial vessels need to resist a wide range of stresses and constraints — pressure, flow, erosion, corrosion, vibration, etc.

You can count on our precision fabricators for your internals. Plus, we supply only the best FRP and steel products such as bar grating, wire mesh, perforated metal, expanded metal, hex metal, and more.



If you’re in need of new or replacement vessel internals, you need to turn to a manufacturer that has the experience in materials choice and vessel internal component fabrication to ensure a quality vessel that is ready to be put to work and that will provide reliable, long-term safety and service.

Vessel Internal Components

vessel internal components
Outlet Collector
  • Catalyst support gridsCatalyst support screens and grids come in many shapes and sizes. Marco can create support grids as a single form, or multiple piece installation. Catalyst screens can be made of many different materials, depending on your exact specification for your situation requirements.
  • Catalyst hold down or floating screens
  • Scallops: They can be useful in tall vessels and are precisely welded for maximum strength to prevent buckling. Scallops are an effective alternative to a single outer basket in many radial flow systems.
  • Centrifuge baskets: Wedge wire is precisely welded to create long-lasting baskets in most centrifugal dryers which stand up to tough conditions for material processing.
  • Outlet collectors / elephant stools: Together with support grids, they can be a key secondary containment solution with flow devices.
  • Screens
  • Center pipes
  • Inlets and outlets
  • Beams
  • Cover plates
  • Packing glands
  • Distributor trays
  • Trays: such as floating valve trays, distillation trays and fixed valve trays
  • Sieve trays: manufactured on a perforated tray deck, less prone to fowling, and are ideal for low liquid to gas ratio applications
  • Vortex breakers: This device is used to stop the formation of a vortex when liquid or gas is drained from a vessel such as a tank or vapor-liquid separator. Vortex breakers are sometimes coated and sandblasted to remove any contamination such as oil, rust, slag, paint, etc.
  • Mist eliminators: Also known for being moisture separators are built with corrosion-resistant materials of expanded media and fine screen media layered in a way to collect water droplets and oil mist from an airstream and divert liquid to a proper drain.
  • Structured packing: Perforated embossed, honeycomb type structure of metal plates arranged to force fluids to go through a difficult path, creating a large surface area for contact between different phases which forces the liquid to spread. Therefore, providing a lower pressure drop per theoretical stage and increased capacity compared to trays and conventional random packing.
custom fabricated bar grating
Custom Fabricated Bar Grating

Reactor Internals vs Tower Internals

Reactor internals components consist of baskets, cover plates, scallops, packing glands, beams, center pipes and catalyst support grids. Tower internals components are distributors, tower supports and limiters, fractionation trays and mist elevators.

For your custom pressure vessel internals, turn to Marco Specialty Steel. We have a wide selection of steel and FRP products along with an in-house fabrication shop. This gives us the flexibility to choose from our in-stock components and make the modifications necessary to meet your specific needs and expectations. Click here to see a small sample of our past projects and what we could do for you.

Marco’s Industrial Metal Used for Vessel and Reactor Internals

Marco Specialty Steel has a vast inventory of different materials that are used for internals in the oil and gas industry. Wire cloth, bar grating, safety grating and expanded metal are fabricated to meet the custom specifications of our clients. Our vast inventory of industrial metals and knowledgeable staff are available to complete necessary jobs within tight deadlines.

wedge wire cylinder fabrication
Wedge Wire Cylinder
outlet collector fabrication
Outlet Collector
circular grating fabrication
Circular Grating
Vessel Internals
Vessel Internals

The Importance of Your Pressure Vessels

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While all industrial installations are important, pressure vessels are particularly sensitive. Depending on the fluids and gases they contain, failure can cause serious problems and health and safety hazards. Leaks, spills and explosions allow your fluids and gases to escape, creating risks to the well-being of employees and visitors to your facility. They can also create costly waste, damage and lost time for your business. At Marco Specialty Steel, we can take care of your pressure vessel needs for:

  • New installations: We can fabricate custom pressure vessels from any type of drawing, spec or blueprint. We have experience turning your specifications into high-quality custom vessel internals that meet all of your technical requirements, dimensions and tolerances for fast installation and startup.
  • Vessel internal replacement: If your existing pressure vessel internals needs to be replaced, we can fabricate replacement internals that meet or exceed all of the necessary OEM specifications. We carry a wide range of materials, including various grades of steel designed for use in pressure vessels.
  • Pressure vessel modifications and upgrades: Some of our customers find that over time their requirements change for their existing pressure vessels. Our team can custom-fabricate pressure vessel internals for a wide range of pressure storage systems.

pressure vessel internals fabricationWe have a variety of materials available to choose from for your pressure vessel internals, including carbon steel and other steel alloys, nickel alloys, stainless steel and reinforced composites. The choice of your material is directly related to the pressures, temperatures and nature of the fluids and gases in your pressure vessel. Our material choices can accommodate your process in terms of compatibility and corrosion resistance to allow for safe, reliable and durable function.

We invite you to upload your drawings and blueprints to our site today. We’ll study your pressure vessel internals project and work to create a custom solution that uses our quality materials and industry-leading, in-house fabrication. You can send your specs by email attachment, fax or overnight mail, or simply give us a call at 713-649-5310. We look forward to finding out how we can help you with your vessel internal using our knowledge and experience.

custom vessel internal fabricatonMarco Specialty Steel is more than a supplier and fabricator for internals, we are a great partner for any refinery, chemical plant, turnaround company, installation company and engineering group.

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