Perforated Architectural Signage

Perforated-Architectural-Signage Perforated Architectural Signage

Perforated metal products present a range of opportunities for creating attractive, functional, and cost-effective architectural signage. Marco Specialty Steel has extensive experience in this field — we work closely with designers and project managers to create perforated custom solutions that bring your vision and brand to life.




Material OptionsPerforated-Architectural-Signage-2

We use a variety of materials to fabricate custom etched metal architectural signage that meets your specifications. Popular options include:

  • Aluminum alloys 6061, 6061, and other variations commonly used in architectural applications
  • Polished or brushed brass, in gauges ranging from 32 (.0080-inch thickness) to 5 (.1819-inch thickness)
  • Cut bronze with a variety of finishes, including oxidized, brushed, polished, and patina effects
  • Stainless steel perforated sheets ranging from the most common 304 grade to heavier-duty products designed for extreme conditions

Choosing a material is the first step in custom architectural signage fabrication. Things to consider when making a decision include cost, weight, durability, and appearance. Not sure where to begin? Let us match you with the ideal material for your project.

Perforated Signage Options

Perforated metal has a unique look that lends itself to exterior architectural signage fabrication. Marco provides perforated metal products in both custom and IPA-standard shapes and sizes. Options include:

Perforations may be staggered or straight to create different visual effects. Maximum hole diameters are contingent on the thickness of the material. Other considerations include the amount of spacing between individual holes, the size of the margins, and the flatness of the sheet. Check out our Architectural Photo Gallery to see examples using perforated metal.

Fabrication Options

Fabricating custom architectural signage requires the right materials and the ability to work creatively with them. Marco provides a number of in-house services, including welding, laser cutting, etching, powder coat application, and more. We are able to turn around complex jobs quickly and maximize the aesthetic appeal of your signage.

Why Use Perforated Metal for Architectural Signage?

Perforated metal offers a number of benefits when used in architectural signage, including:

  • Design flexibility: Perforated metal is lightweight, easy to work with and shape, and available in a range of colors and finishes.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Perforated metal is economical to purchase and offers longevity and low maintenance requirements over time.
  • Accessibility: ADA compliance requires architectural signs that are well contrasted, easy to read, and glare-free. Perforated metal signage presents an easy path to ADA compliance thanks to its high visibility and range of finishing options.

Learn More About Perforated Architectural Signage Options

Learn more about the benefits of perforated metal architectural signage by contacting Marco Specialty Steel directly. We have a long history of completing customized fabrication projects — get in touch using the form on this page to request a consultation with one of our experts.

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