Diamond Safety Grating

diamond grip safety grating Diamond Safety Grip Grating

Diamond safety grip grating offers maximum slip resistance in most work environments where moisture, chemicals, and other materials pose a significant hazard. Installing diamond safety grating will give you the peace of mind of knowing you’re doing everything possible to ensure the safety of your workers and visitors.

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Marco Specialty Steel: The Leading Safety Grip Grating Supplier in Houston and Beyond

Marco Specialty Steel is your supplier of diamond safety grating. This grating is a high-strength, lightweight metal grating designed for safety underfoot. Its unique one-piece diamond-shaped construction provides slip resistance in all directions and is suited for all walking/working surfaces where mud, ice, snow, grease, oil, and detergents create slippery or hazardous conditions. Diamond grating is commonly used for work platforms, crossover platforms, industrial flooring, catwalks, balconies, mezzanines, storage areas, walkways, and stair treads.

diamond plank grating
Plank Grating
diamond walkway channel
Walkway Channels
diamond stair treads
Stair Treads

Our Diamond Safety Grating Product Selection

Marco Specialty Steel’s stock inventory of Diamond Safety Grating products includes:

We source the best products at the best price to meet our customers’ demands. Not being locked in a particular Manufacturers price structure or delivery schedule gives maximum flexibility and competitiveness. If you have a specific requirement for a specific manufacturer, please make this known at the time of your inquiry. Marco Specialty Steel reserves the right to substitute various manufacturers’ products unless otherwise stipulated.

safety grip gratingSafety Diamond Plank Grating

Diamond plank grating is a versatile safe surface. Its standard lengths are 10’ & 12’. Diamond safety grating provides the best slip resistance of all the safety grating options. It is lightweight and virtually maintenance-free. Diamond grating has two surfaces available which are serrated and non-serrated so you can pick the best walking surface possible. Type 316 stainless steel is available upon special request and stainless is only available in plank form and up to 11 3/4” wide. A relief hole is also available upon request on 3, 4, & 5 diamond planks.

heavy_duty_grip_strut_walkway-diagram showing sizesDiamond Safety Grating Walkway Channels

Diamond grip walkway channels consist of one-piece channels equipped with integral side toe boards. The sideboards project above the flooring to provide additional safety on elevated walkways and similar structures.

These safety grating walkway channels also offer flexibility for expansion by welding additional planks or installing splice plates, the latter of which are available for separate purchase as packages or kits. The lightweight planks are easy to fabricate and offer the advantage of fast and easy installation. The standard Diamond Grip walkway channel design features stock lengths of 10’ and 12’, toe boards measuring 4 ½”, and a 24”, 10-diamond width. Other sizes/configurations are available.

Diamond Grating Stair Treads and Ladder Rungs

Diamond grating stair treads feature welded-end carrier plates with pre-punched holes that facilitate attachment to stair stringers. The standard diamond stair tread design includes a substantial side margin that promotes easy visibility, although supplementary abrasive nosings are also available for areas/applications requiring heightened visibility and safety. Choose from six stair tread widths to meet your needs and just about any tread length that your desire.

We also offer slip-resistant diamond ladder rungs you can use to construct new ladders or retrofit existing ladders. Ladder rungs are available in 14 gauge steel and in 16″, 18″, 20″, 24″, 30″ and 36″ spans.

Diamond Safety Grating Slip Resistance Test

diamond safety grating

Values stated above are determined in accordance with standards for slip resistance established by Federal Specification RR-G-1602D. The values indicated are an average of values obtained for five sole materials (leather, boot rubber, shoe rubber, Neolite, and Hypalon) tested in three directions (longitudinally, transversely, and diagonally) for the surface conditions noted. Values are in pounds of force necessary to move a 175 lb. load one inch across the surface of the grating.

Other Benefits of Diamond Grating

Another important safety benefit of this grating is that the diamond-shaped openings are small enough to catch falling tools and other objects. The lightweight, easy-to-handle planks ensure quick, simple installation — one person can typically handle the entire installation process. This type of grating is also virtually maintenance-free. You will experience a low cost of ownership over the course of the many years of use in your facility or worksite. In other words, diamond grating’s advantages are:

  • Lightweight: The lightweight diamond design and construction make it easy to transport and install the product wherever you need it.
  • Easy to fabricate: You can easily fabricate diamond grating products to your specifications — custom fabrication is a breeze.
  • Slip-resistant walking surfaces: Eliminate worries about visitors slipping and falling, and possibly suffering a serious injury.
  • Maintenance-free: The remarkable durability of safety grating eliminates the need for preventive maintenance and ensures a low cost of ownership and excellent return on your investment.

Using diamond-shaped safety grating can also significantly reduce the number of accidents that occur in your workplace. You’ll have fewer instances of workers slipping and falling, which will help to prevent lost-time injuries that minimize workforce productivity and negatively impact your company’s bottom line, as well as lower your liability risk.

You’ll also protect your company against worker’s compensation claims. And in an era of increasingly stringent OSHA standards, safety grating can help you maintain compliance and avoid costly fines and other penalties resulting from safety violations.

We Custom-Fabricate Diamond-Grip Safety Grating to Your Specifications

Do you have a unique application or other special manufacturing requirements? We have the capability to custom-fabricate safety grating to adapt to your specific plant or field conditions. Our state-of-the-art facility in Houston, TX includes a modern in-house fabrication shop equipped with all the latest saws and other cutting tools and machinery. Our technical sales consultant will be happy to help you explore the various customization alternatives available to your company.

diamond truck tread grating
Truck Tread
diamond walkway grating
Diamond Walkway
safety walkway grating
Safety Walkway
diamond tread stair grating
Diamond Tread Stair Treads

Where Can You Use  Safety Grating?

A safety walkway can provide a sturdy, slip-resistant surface that is ideally suited for interior or exterior locations where ice, snow, oil, grease, detergent, or other slippery materials pose a constant safety hazard. A typical outdoor safety grating application is ice bridge kits that protect and support the cable spans between bridge towers and shelters. The installation of safety diamond stair treads also makes sense for the manufacturing of stairs in environments where the footing is treacherous.

Marco Offers a Large Selection of Stock Diamond-Shaped Safety Grating Products

diamond safety grating
Marco’s Stocked Warehouse

Look no further than Marco Specialty Steel for an extensive inventory of high-quality, safety grating products. Our selection of stock material grades and gauges includes:

  • Hot rolled steel: 12 gauge or 14 gauge
  • Pre-galvanized steel (G90): 12 gauge or 14 gauge
  • Aluminum alloy 5052H32: 0.080” thick or .100” thick (alloy 5052H32)
  • Stainless steel type 304 or type 316: 16 gauge

Choose from 10’ or 12’ plank lengths, and special cut sizes are also available upon request. Additionally, we offer a heavy-duty size that can accommodate larger, heavier loads. Complete your order with custom Safety Diamond Grip accessories available from Marco Specialty Steel.

Marco Specialty Steel: An Experienced Metal Solutions Provider You Can Trust

Over the course of a quarter-century in business, Marco Specialty Steel has helped a long list of companies meet their metal product requirements. We’re known for our extraordinarily fast project completion times, close attention to every project detail, and superior customer service. Although we’re based in Houston, we can provide prompt, reliable safety grating services to companies throughout Texas, across the United States, and around the world.

Marco is proud to provide the most comprehensive line of safety grating products including diamond, perf safety grating, and tread grip with slip-resistant surfaces. We have a complete understanding of each product and its features and benefits so we can recommend the best solution for your company.

We are the number one go-to for grating products, therefore we also stock bar grating and fiberglass grating.

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We’ll be happy to help you explore the various Diamond Safety Grating product options so you can choose the ones that work best for your applications and budget. We’ll discuss any customization needs and develop a plan to execute your fabrication project. We can also provide a no-obligation project quote so you’ll know the cost of the project before making a final commitment. We tailor all quotes to the specific project to ensure you receive a fair, accurate price for the products and services we deliver.

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