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In some cases, the appearance of a metal product is just as, if not more important as its quality and durability. The use of standard bar grating in architectural applications combines functionality with the additional element of aesthetic appeal. Architects, engineers, and designers frequently make use of architectural bar grating in the structural design process for projects that require a striking visual component.

Marco Specialty Steel is your go-to for architectural grating products in many material grades, as well as fabrication services.


Architectural Bar Grating Products and Applications

Bar grating for architecture is used for a wide variety of industrial and commercial products including ornamental grilles, walkways, building facades, fencing, sunshades, and more. Because of its ability to permit the passage of air, light, sound, liquid, and heat, architectural specialty steel grating is also a top choice for screening applications. These types of products can include stormwater, trench floor and driveway drains.

Architectural bar grating can serve as functional, attractive industrial flooring and decks in facilities such as chemical processing plants, petroleum refineries, and food and beverage processing plants.

Bar grating infill panels are widely used for their design and strength.

We feature welded bar grating for architectural applications because it offers the ultimate combination of strength, cost-efficiency, and ease of installation.

Architectural Bar Grating Products

Marco Offers a Wide Selection of Superior Architectural Bar Grating Productsmarco-Architectural-Bar-Grating

Here at Marco Specialty Steel, we make every effort to provide the best architectural bar grating products for customers in a wide range of industries. Our stock inventory includes an assortment of architectural specialty steel grating for just about any industrial or commercial application.

Our bar grating products include:

Architectural Metal Materials

Our standard aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel panels are available in your choice of a smooth or serrated surface. You can also select from a variety of sizes and finishes. All of our architectural bar grating products meet the high standards and specifications stipulated by the National Association of Architectural Metal Manufacturers.

Choose Marco Specialty Steel for Custom Architectural Bar Grating Products

In addition to our huge selection of high-quality stock bar grating products, Marco Specialty Steel can provide custom architectural bar grating services to meet unique project requirements. Our 35,000-square-foot facility includes an in-house fabrication shop where we can custom weld or cut and band bar grating featuring any type of angle or curve you desire. We can also cut panels at special lengths. We can work with your drawings to create custom cutouts, unique shapes, or whatever else you may need.

Trusted Architectural Bar Grating Supplier and Fabricator

Why Do So Many Companies Choose Marco for Their Architectural Bar Grating Needs?

Over the course of 30 years in business, Marco Specialty Steel has become one of the most trusted architectural bar grating suppliers in the metals industry. In addition to offering high-quality products and the ability for custom fabrication, we feature a solutions-oriented, customer-focused business approach. Understanding our customers’ needs to keep up with tight production schedules, we complete all projects as quickly as possible. We also pay attention to the smallest of details to ensure a successful project outcome.

Other Architectural Metal Options

Are you still searching for the perfect architectural metal alternative? We stock a wide range of options. Check out our architectural wire mesh, expanded metal, perforated metal, or Orsogril®. Our FRP products are sometimes used as well.

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When it comes to bar grating for architecture, nobody does it better than Marco Specialty Steel. Contact us to learn more about our architectural metal products and services and to receive a no-obligation project quote today.

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