Fiberglass Grating

fiberglass-grating inventory in warehouse Fiberglass Grating (FRP)

Marco Specialty Steel is a premier supplier of superior fiberglass grating products. Fiberglass grating is an excellent choice for applications requiring corrosion resistance, fire prevention and non-electrical conductivity. Lightweight and easy to maintain, fiberglass grating products also offer remarkable aesthetic appeal, which is why it is the preferred grating material in architectural applications.

As a leading fiberglass grating supplier, Marco Specialty Steel offers top-quality FRP grating products featuring the two primary manufacturing processes: open molding and pultrusion.


molded fiberglass; fiberglass gratingOpen Molding, or Molded FRP

Molded fiberglass grating is the older of the two processes. This type of FRP grating is available in square and rectangular grid patterns and provides equal strength in both directions. Its one piece construction interlocks the strands for optimum strength. Molded FRP is lightweight and easily fabricated. Read more…

Fiberglass grating; pultruded fiberglassPultrusion, or Pultruded FRP

Pultrusion is continuous molding process that makes use of glass or fiber reinforcement formed in a polyester or vinyl ester resin matrix. Marco offers pultruded grating in two standard resin systems that comply with Class 1 Flame Spread Rating in accordance with ASTM E-84 test standards. You can choose pultrusion molding in either a T-Bar or I-Bar profile. Read more…

phenolic-Pultruded-gratingPhenolic FRP

Phenolic fiberglass grating can either be molded or pulturded. The key benefit of phenolic FRP is its resistance to heat. Therefore, it is commonly used where high temperatures arise or are possible. Phenolic grating is widely used in the oil and gas industry for this reason. Marco offers phenolic fiberglass that is U.S. Coast Guard Approved. Read more…

frp-structruals, structural shapesFRP Structurals

Fiberglass structural shapes are manufactured by the pultrusion process and have corrosion fighting properties. Marco offers FRP structurals that are lightweight (1/3 of steel) and pound for pound as strong as their steel counterparts. These structural shapes are the best long lasting option. Read more…

FRP-stair-treads-and platformFRP Stair Treads

Fiberglass stair treads and stair tread covers are the best solution for slippery stairs. FRP stairs come in molded or pultruded options and with either a meniscus top non-skid or a gritted top non-skid. Their safety aspects, corrosion resistance and long lasting ability make them the best cost saving solution for commercial or industrial applications. Read more…

FRP Ladder Systems

Fiberglass ladder systems are lightweight and easy to install. These caged ladder systems require less maintenance and upkeep making them the best, cost effective solution. They have non-slip rung surfaces, flame retardant resins and UV inhibitors. Marco offers custom options as well as modular kits for fast, hassle free installation. Read more…

frp handrails from structural shapesFRP Handrail Systems

Fiberglass handrail systems are manufactures by the pultrusion process and are made from structural components. Marco Specialty Steel constructs these handrails from your blueprints or drawings to produce the best, long lasting guardrail. Read more…


We Specialize in FRP Grating

We feature a wide assortment of fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) grating products. FRP is a precise combination of thermosetting plastic resins and glass fiber that offers the corrosion resistance and other desirable properties listed above. FRP grating is frequently used in the manufacturing of a large assortment of products including stair treads, platforms, covered gratings, trench covers and drain covers.

FRP fabricating for oil and gas
FRP Custom Fabrication

We Offer Custom FRP Products

A key reason why so many companies in industries such as refining, drilling and food and beverage choose Marco Specialty Steel as their FRP grating distributor is our ability to provide custom FRP products. We have our own fully equipped in-house fabrication shop where we can customize any of our stock products to your specifications. We can produce everything from skewed or curved cutouts to special shapes with speed and efficiency. We routinely work with our clients’ drawings and blueprints to create print takeoffs that help create the custom fiberglass grating products that meet their unique requirements.

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