Infill Panels Fabrication

Infill-panels-fabricationInfill Panels

Infill panels are well known to add a stylish modern look when designing railings or partitions. But they do more than look good. They are built for their rigid long-lasting construction, security features, and low maintenance features. We custom fabricate metal infill panels to exact specifications and label them for easy on-site installation.

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Marco Specialty Steel Can Handle Your Infill Panel Project

As one of the leading infill panel suppliers, Marco Specialty Steel can provide the high-quality infill panels you need for your construction project. We can fabricate infill panels out of virtually any type of material, including wire mesh, perforated metal, expanded metal, and even fiberglass grating — bar grating is typically the best choice when maximum strength is required. Infill panels are available in a wide range of materials, openings, patterns, and gauges, such as:

perforated infill panel fabricationPerforated Metal Infill Panels

Marco specializes in custom perforated infill panels that are not only structurally sound but add style to your balconies, stairways, and walkways. Perforated metal infill panels are available in all of our perforated metal patterns: round hole, square hole, slotted holes, and more. Custom punching is also available so that we can help you bring your vision to life. Read more…


expanded metal infill panel fabricationExpanded Metal Infill Panels

When you need expanded metal infill panels for a project you’re working on, count on Marco Specialty Steel for a high-quality product. Our team can custom fabricate expanded metal infill panels from any of the 3 types that we stock: standard (or regular), flattened, and expanded metal grating. Read more…


wire mesh infill panel fabricationWire Mesh Infill Panels

If you need flexible, functional, and aesthetically-pleasing infill panels, then wire mesh infill panels may fit your needs. Marco Specialty Steel carries a wide range of wire mesh and wire cloth that can be custom fabricated to fit your exact specifications. We have woven and welded infill panel options in an infinite amount of patterns. Read more…


bar grating infill panel fabricationBar Grating Infill Panels

For superior strength choose bar grating infill panels for your architectural building facade. Marco Specialty Steel is available to custom-create bar grating infill panels with welded bar grating, press-locked, or aluminum grating that is built to stand the test of time. Bar grating infill panels are also good for security. Read more…


We Specialize in Custom Fabrication for Infill Panels

If you are looking for custom infill panels for a unique application or special project, you’ve come to the right place! We have the facilities, equipment, and expertise to perform custom fabrication for infill panels to meet your exact specifications. Our 35,000-square-foot Houston, TX facility contains a modern fabrication shop equipped with various types of saws, shears, rollers, welding equipment, and other state-of-the-art machinery. Whether you need cut-to-size bar grating, wire mesh, or expanded or perforated infill wall panels, we can complete the task with speed and efficiency.

bar grating infill panel fabrication
Bar Grating Infill Panels
wire cloth infill panel fabrication
Wire Cloth Infill Panels
perforated metal infill panel fabrication
Perforated Metal Infill Panel
Perforated Infill Building Facade







Infill Panel Applications

Where can you find infill panels?

  • Residential patios
  • Office buildings
  • Schools and hospitals
  • Warehouse enclosures
  • Concert venues
  • Recreational park traffic management
  • Amusement parks and zoos
  • Stadium parks, arenas, and convention centers

Railing Infill Panels: Infill panels built into railings are a great way to create a secure barrier for fall protection on walkways, balconies, and stairs. Almost all of our products can be used to create the railing that matches your project.

Infill Fencing: Our metal products constructed into infill panels add rigidity to fences. We sometimes stock several fencing options like Orsogril and Prism 3-d fence panels. Wire cloth and expanded metal are always-in-stock and are great infill fencing options. Infill fencing panels add esthetic appeal while adding security.

Wall Cladding: Wall cladding infill panels are an excellent solution for building exteriors. They can add a layer of protection and have added benefits like a rainscreen, sound muffling, and a sunscreen while adding a decorative touch.

Security Cages and Enclosures: When security is important metal infill panels are often used to create cages or enclosures. These barriers are easily installed or moved, depending on the unit. They are visually appealing and stronger than standard fence enclosures. Typically, these infill panels are designed using wire mesh or expanded metal. They allow the passage of air, light, and heat with added theft protection.

Infill Panel Wall Partitions: Much like cages and enclosures, infill partitions allow visual accessibility while allowing airflow and light. Partitions can be found indoors or outside. They can also enhance fire resistance and provide acoustic insulation. They can be fabricated to your exact dimensions to fit your needs.

Parking Structures: Parking structures for commercial, residential, or industrial applications make use of metal infill panels. They provide security, protection, privacy, and esthetics while allowing airflow. While most of our products can be used, perforated metal and wire mesh are the most common.

Canopies, Sunshades and Trellis: Infill panels build with our metal products to create canopies, sunshades and trellises add attractive protection. The benefits include providing privacy, filtering out damaging UV rays and providing coverage from excess sunlight which help to keep temperatures manageable.

Benefits When We Build Your Infill Panels

  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Completely customizable
  • Industry experience

Infill Panel Fabrication

Feel Free to Send Us Your Drawings or Blueprints

If you have concerns that your custom infill panels won’t truly meet your specifications, then you need to turn to Marco Specialty Steel for your next custom infill panel project. Our staff includes highly trained, experienced technical experts who know how to read and interpret mechanical drawings and blueprints. Simply upload your drawings to our site or send them by email, fax or overnight delivery. We’ll get right back to you with any questions or comments and a no-obligation quote.

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Over the course of a quarter-century in business, Marco Specialty Steel has become one of the most respected metals/steel solutions providers in our industry. We’re known for completing all projects, even those involving fabrication, with maximum speed and efficiency. We also offer a level of customer support that our competitors cannot match. Our knowledgeable, friendly sales staff will work closely with your company’s engineers, designers, architects, buyers and maintenance personnel to find the best solution for your needs and budget.

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