Bar Grating Infill Panels

Bar Grating Infill PanelsBar Grating Infill Panel Fabrication

Our toughest and most durable metal infill panels feature a bar grating screen. Strong enough for load-bearing applications, bar grating wall panels consist of a series of metal bars running parallel to each other, with perpendicular crossbars for stability.

Custom bar grating infill panels can be constructed from many materials such as stainless steel, aluminum, and more.

Marco Specialty Steel is a leading infill panel supplier with extensive bar grating fabrication capabilities. We will custom fabricate any bar grating infill panel for installation in a bridge or mezzanine, for machine guarding, or for any other application in which safety and security are critical.


Architectural-Bar-Grating, Bar Grating Infill Panels
Bar Grating Infill Panels

Bar Grating Options

Several different types of bar grating are available, all of which are used to fabricate walls or infill panels:

  • Welded steel bar grating is cost-effective and strong, making it the most common type of bar grating available. Standard, close-mesh, heavy-duty, and railroad weld-type products are available.
  • Press-locked bar grating uses hydraulic pressure instead of welding to fuse bars together. This creates a smoother look that’s better for architectural applications.

Carbon steel is standard for most bar grating applications, though stainless steel and aluminum offer lighter weight and better corrosion resistance on infill panels destined for outdoor use.

Finishing Options

Architectural-Bar-Grating-Press-Lock-Grating, Bar Grating Infill Panels
Infill Panel Railing

Our bar grating wall panels can be shipped to you bare or finished in a variety of ways. Carbon steel products can be painted or hot dip galvanized to meet ASTM A-123 standards. Stainless steel infill panels can be electropolished, chemically treated or abrasion blasted. Aluminum grating can be delivered mill finished or with an optional anodized coating. A variety of enamel and epoxy coatings are available as well.

Explore Your Options With Marco Specialty Steel

If you’re considering bar grating for your infill panels, contact Marco Specialty Steel first. We offer comprehensive fabrication and customization capabilities with a fast turnaround time. We’ll work with you from start to finish to determine the best metal infill panel type for your needs, whether it uses bar grating, wire mesh, perforated steel, or any other material.

Start exploring your options by contacting a Marco Specialty Steel representative today. Already have a detailed blueprint? We can work from that, too. Get in touch to tell us more about your project and to obtain a quote.

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