Heavy Duty Diamond Grating

heavy duty diamond grating Heavy Duty Diamond Safety Grating

Marco Specialty Steel is the leading supplier and fabricator for Heavy Duty Diamond Safety Grating. These heavy duty products offer the advantage of regular Diamond Safety Grating, but are designed for applications of greater load and/or longer span. The basic design is the same, but diamond openings are larger and the metal is thicker.

Heavy Duty Grating products are available in many of the same configurations, materials, and finishes as regular diamond grip safety grating.


heavy duty diamond safety gratingSpecifications

Heavy Duty Safety Diamond Grating products include: planks, walkways and stair treads.

  • One-of-a-kind plank grating sporting a hefty 24 foot clear span capability
  • Offers the advantages of regular DIAMOND GRIP plus the capabilities for greater loads and/or longer spans
  • Ideal for process plants, refineries, grain elevators, conveyor walkways, under-bridge inspection walkways, papermills, etc.
  • Competitive against Bar Grating
  • Standard Lengths – 10’ & 12’
  • Available in 24-foot spans
  • Less support structure means labor savings
  • Walkways also available in 20’ & 24’
  • 9 Ga. & 11 Ga. available upon request
  • Hot Dip Galvanized after fabrication is available upon request
  • Special fabrication, cutting, or specialty configurations available upon request

Every year falls cost the industry millions of dollars in lost time and production. The safer walking-working surfaces of Heavy Duty Safety Grating products help reduce accidents, and in doing so, may help cut insurance costs. The secret is in the serrated surface and open design. The open diamond pattern allows fluids, mud, chips, ice, and snow to fall through. The serrated surface helps provide high friction for maximum slip protection in all directions and under practically all conditions. The resilience of diamond grating cushions the impact of walking, lessening worker fatigue and increasing efficiency.

  • High strength-to-weight ratio: efficient structural design means large-load capacity with low dead weight
  • Slip resisting surface: scores of tiny teeth grip shoes tightly (exceeds Federal Specification RR-G-1602D slip-resistance requirements)
  • Open design: sheds slip-causing stones, dirt and debris
  • Slip-resisting serrated or less harsh non-serrated wearing surfaces tailor long life to diverse service conditions: sheds slip-causing stones, dirt and debris
  • Complete line of products, design data, support services
  • Handrail brackets available for maximum safety and meeting OSHA requirements
  • Splice plates speed assembly without welding
  • Integral, OSHA compliant toeboards. Canadian compliant OH&S designs are available in some sizes.

heavy duty diamond gratingHigh load capacity, long life:  High strength-to-weight performance is achieved through section depth and integral side-channel design. Bridged struts form a rigid, strong plank surface that carries large loads with minimum deflection. There are no rivets, fabricated joints or pressure joints to loosen or break.

Safety at all levels: Heavy Duty Diamond Grip safety grating’s serrated surfaces grip soles securely in all directions. These non-slip sheared edges are ideal for both indoor and outdoor locations — wherever mud, ice, snow, oil, and detergents can create hazardous walking conditions.

Minimal maintenance: Openings allow fluids, chips, stones, and mud to quickly drop through. Ice easily shears off under normal foot pressure. Open design is easily cleaned with a brush, liquid or air spray.

Application versatility: A variety of standard plank widths and channel heights can be combined with numerous special-order items to meet almost any application requirement. Special sizes and fabricating services are available for unusual requirements. Heavy Duty Safety Grating products may be painted, hot-dip galvanized after fabrication, anodized, plated, plastic-coated, or specially finished in other ways to fit service requirements. Finish coatings are economically applied since all surfaces are accessible to brush or spray.

Compliance with regulatory codes/standards: Wherever maximum safety underfoot is critical, diamond safety grating is ideal, offering slip resistance exceeding Federal Specification RR-G-1602D requirements. Heavy Duty Diamond Grating walkways meet OSHA toe board requirements for elevated structures with standard upturned, 5-inch high integral side channels.

Low life-cycle cost: Lower upfront material costs and long-lasting, corrosion-resisting finishes help provide long service life to all diamond gratings: steel or aluminum. Brawny but lightweight, these planks, walkways, and stair treads permit substantial reduction in supporting structural materials. The self-cleaning open design is virtually maintenance-free.

diamond heavy duty safety gratingFast, Simple Installation: Diamond Grip Safety Grating is light and simply installed. Often, regular maintenance personnel can do the job. Sections are easily field-cut, at virtually any angle, and field-adapted; connections are rapidly made with bolts, clamps, or welding. Disassembly, when needed, can be just as rapid.

Tested performance: Statistics show falls as the second highest cause of lost-time injuries in the industry. Yet tests prove that falls can be reduced by the safe surface of heavy Duty Safety Grating, planks, walkways, and stair treads. And fewer accidents mean lower workmen’s compensation insurance costs, to save the cost of safety grating many times over. Independent laboratory tests prove that Heavy Duty Diamond Grip safety grating exceeds Federal Specification RR-G-1602D requirements for slip resistance. Five shoe soles were tested, in longitudinal, transverse, and diagonal directions; under five conditions: dry, greasy, muddy, soapy, and icy. Heavy Duty Safety Grating tested more slip-resistant than other gratings (depending upon the condition).

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Marco is proud to provide the most comprehensive line of safety grating products including diamond, Perf Safety Grating, and tread grip with slip-resistant surfaces. We have a complete understanding of each product and its features and benefits so we can recommend the best solution for your company.

We are the number one go-to for grating products, therefore we also stock bar grating and fiberglass grating.

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