Perforated Metal Infill Panels

Perforated-Metal-infill-panel-stair-railPerforated Metal Infill Panels Fabrication

Perforated metal infill panels add structural integrity to a stairwell, walkway, or mezzanine while offering an attractive appearance that can complement a variety of styles. Compared to wire mesh alternatives, perforated metal infill panels are stronger and cleaner-looking, making them a great choice for both pragmatic and architectural reasons.

Perforated infill panels can be constructed using these products; round holes, square holes, slotted holes, or decorative hole patterns. We also have full, completely customizable custom punching services. These products are available in different metals such as stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, and more.


Infill Panels Custom Designed Per Our Clients Needs

Marco Specialty Steel can fabricate a custom perforated metal railing system or infill panel to your specifications. We will either work from an existing blueprint or consult with you to create an original design based on your needs. Our Houston-based warehouse has specific equipment and experienced fabricators to create the infill panels for your architectural project. Keep reading to learn more about your options, or contact our office to get started today.

Benefits of Perforated Metal Infill Panels

Perforated metal infill panel systems add a unique look to any building while meeting safety and building code requirements. Use them to deaden sound and ensure privacy, while promoting airflow and a sense of openness. All of our products can be painted or powder-coated for specific branding or design needs, and cut to size to simplify the installation process.

Perforated Infill Panel Decoration
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Perforated Metal Infill Panels
Perforated Metal Infill Panels







Pattern and Material Options

Perforated metal panels are found in a variety of sizes and configurations. Options for customizing a perforated metal infill panel include:

  • Metal type and thickness: Stainless steel is an economical choice for any outdoor infill panel. Several grades and thicknesses are available. Alternately, we also offer our products in carbon steel, aluminum, copper and a variety of other metals.
  • Opening shape: Our metal infill panels can be perforated in circles, squaresslots or ornamental/decorative patterns. We carry a large inventory of shapes that can be fabricated into infill panels. Or your project can be punched to order — whether your primary concern is looks, safety or airflow, at Marco Specialty Steel you have the freedom to design the ideal infill panel for any application.
  • Opening size: It’s generally recommended that perforation diameters on an infill panel should not be less than the thickness of the material. With stainless steel and other higher-strength materials, metal thickness should be at least three gauges less than the hole diameter.
  • Opening pattern: Round and square perforations can be arranged in a straight-line pattern, or staggered at a 90˚ or 45˚ angle. Slotted openings can be arranged vertically or horizontally along the length of the sheet.
  • Margin size: Perforated metal infill panels are generally cut with minimal left and right margins, and no or minimal margins on the top or bottom.

Looking for a particular perforated pattern with a certain open area? Marco has provided a vast amount of perforated metal spec sheets in the resource section, check it out.

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