Orsogril® Grating Panels

Orsogril® Grating Panel Products

There are several different kinds of Orsogril® grating panel products. Each offer a unique design that help with specific application needs. They are very versatile and are used for many industries such as commercial and residential areas, military sites, school buildings, industrial facilities and airports with high level security needs. Orsogril® grating panels are widely used as an architectural solution due to their beautiful appearance and customization qualities. Contact Marco Specialty Steel to learn more about the wide range of product options for your specific fencing needs.


Sterope® Grating Panels
Sterope 3® Grating Panels
Pleione® Grating Panels
Britosterope® Grating Panels
Merope® Grating Panels
Stadion Grating Panels





Orsogril® fence panels and grating panels combine form and function. They can serve as a protective barrier while looking nice. These architectural fence panels can be a permanent fixture or they can be moved easily. 

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Feel free to contact Marco Specialty Steel to learn more about how our stock of Orsogril® grating panel product offerings can benefit your architectural project, and please let us know about any specific customization requirements or special requests. We are happy to provide a no-obligation quote.

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