Wastewater Treatment Industry

Specialty Steel Products & FRP Products and
Applications for the Wastewater Treatment Industry

Wastewater treatment plants remove contaminants from water for drinking, agriculture, and industrialization. Polluted water is pre-treated by separating water from large particles using coarse and fine screens. Microorganisms then consume contaminants in the water to reduce the pollution level. Water undergoes further stages of treatment and careful inspection before it is released for use. Due to the rising demand for freshwater, the wastewater treatment industry plays an important role in the global infrastructure.

With their continuously wet environment, wastewater treatment plants need corrosion-resistant, non-slip materials for applications that will be exposed to heavy water flows. At Marco Specialty Steel, our extensive inventory of specialty steel products ensures superior safety in your wastewater treatment facility.

Read below to find just some of the applications of how our steel and FRP products are used.

Applications for the Wastewater Treatment Industry

Ladders, platforms, and catwalks around water towers and tanks are constantly damp or wet. Treatment plant operators should not have to watch their step on slippery walkways. Stainless steel products and fiberglass (FRP) grating used in wastewater treatment plants provide durable, skid-resistant surfaces to ensure employee safety.

Wastewater treatment equipment should be made with non-corrosive materials. Corrosive elements such as water, salt, acid, chlorine, and other treatment chemicals cause extensive damage and operational downtime.

Marco Specialty Steel’s quality materials and products hold up against the elements. With our custom fabrication services, any of our products can become turnkey solutions to maximize the safety and efficiency of your plant.

Below are a few examples of applications we custom fabricate with our products:

Application Links

Walkways and Walking Surfaces

Industrial walkways  –  Industrial safety flooring  –  Trench covers  –  Pedestrian walkways  –  ADA walking surfaces  –  Platforms  –  Catwalks  –  Stair treads
–  Sidewalk Grates  –  Fiberglass grating – FRP Handrails and structurals – Wastewater treatment grating – FRP stair tread and stair tread covers – FRP caged ladders

Decking Bridges Vehicle Surfaces

Vehicle surfaces  –  Vehicle bridges  –  Trench covers  –  Highway drains

Wastewater Treatment Products

Filtration  –  Screens and filters –  Wastewater treatment grating


Security fencing  –  Machine guards  –  Hand railings  –  Railing infill panels –  Guardrails


Industrial shelving  –  Mezzanines

Products for the Wastewater Treatment Industry

Marco Specialty Steel maintains an unparalleled inventory of products and materials in our 35,000 square foot facility. Our team will work quickly to meet your specific needs so that you can get back to the job at hand.

With more than 25 years of experience in metals distribution and fabrication, we make sure our products are designed to address two key needs in a wastewater treatment plant: improve worker safety and reduce corrosion. The specialty steel and FRP products we provide for the wastewater treatment industry include stair treads and ladder rungs, crossover platforms, screening and more:

  • Bar grating: Welded steel, press-locked, riveted, aluminum and heavy-duty to create reliable load-bearing platforms, rooftop walkways and bridges. Wastewater treatment plants use heavy duty bar grating for drain covers, trench frames and driving surfaces. Stair treads and crossover platforms made from bar grating ensure maximum safety.
  • Expanded metal: Strong and lightweight, expanded metal is used in handrails, walkways, and catwalks. Products made with expanded metal, including standard expanded metal (SXM), flattened expanded metal (FXM) and expanded metal grating, make it safer and easier to access water tanks. Wastewater facilities use expanded metal to create fencing around equipment and security fencing around the facility.
  • Perforated metal: Versatile and functional in many applications for the wastewater treatment industry. Hole pattern options include round, square, slotted and custom punching. Round hole perforated metal is used for water filtration in treatment plants.
  • Wire mesh: One of the most versatile products in our inventory, wire mesh or wire cloth is available in all materials and opening sizes. Wastewater treatment facilities use wire mesh as machine guards, screens and filters for clarifiers, settling tanks, separation equipment and fencing around equipment. By creating a range of filtration procedures and allowing for particle testing, wire mesh is a key component to improving water quality.
  • Safety grating: Many types of safety grating are available to ensure a slip-resistant environment. Stairs, ladder rungs and crossover platforms need safety grating. Diamond safety grating is high-strength, lightweight and offers the best traction. Perf safety grating is less aggressive than diamond grating but still provides safe pedestrian traffic. Tread Grip has perforated button like treads for safe walking surfaces. All of our safety grating products come in stairs and ladder rungs, with different sizes to suit different needs.
  • FRP grating: Fiberglass (FRP) grating is corrosion-resistant and will not rot or conduct electricity. This product is ideal for areas that stay wet. The wastewater treatment industry uses fiberglass grating for its non-slip properties, so that workers can safely access water towers, clarifier tanks, sedimentation basins, and digester tanks. Other benefits include high strength-to-weight ratio, low maintenance, UV resistance and easily is fabricated. FRP structural shapes are used to make stairs, elevated platforms, and more. FRP stair treads are available in molded or pultruded construction and ladder systems are available as well. FRP Handrail Systems are safe and OSHA compliant.

Materials for the Wastewater Treatment Industry

Marco Specialty Steel uses only high-quality materials in our products:

  • Stainless steel: This material has been used in the wastewater treatment industry for the last 50 years. Stainless steel offers high corrosion resistance, especially against corrosion due to microorganisms used in the treatment process. Stainless steel provides anti-corrosive properties which minimize the degradation or loss of metal in walkways, structurals, stairs, and crossover platforms in wastewater treatment facilities and is extremely durable during maximum flows of water. Stainless steel for wastewater applications is a good option.
  • Galvanized steel: For environments that are near water, galvanized steel is an ideal material. For the best corrosion protection, we offer the A653 grade with a tensile strength of 58,000 to 79,800 psi.
  • Carbon steel: carbon steel is more prone to corrosion, therefore, stainless steel is used more in the wastewater industry.
  • Aluminum: This corrosion-resistant material is commonly used for walkways, elevated platforms, and catwalks.
  • Nickel alloys: Wastewater treatment plants use nickel alloys for high-pressure pipework, valves, and pumps

Your Trusted and Experienced Specialty Steel Supplier

At Marco Specialty Steel, we understand the needs of the wastewater treatment industry. That’s why we deliver turnkey solutions on time and on budget to maximize the safety and efficiency of your plant. Thanks to our commitment to exceptional customer service, we’re available for 24/7 emergency services.

Contact us today to discuss your project in the wastewater treatment industry.