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Perforated-Metal-Custom-Punching Custom Metal Perforations

Have you explored various types of round, squareslotted, and decorative perforated metal options but haven’t quite found the right one for your needs? Are you having trouble locating the correct perforation pattern? Do you need a specific open area percentage that no other supplier seems to be able to provide?

We are here to help. Our custom punching options include custom-spaced margins, irregular configurations, and open area as well as secondary fabrications such as shearing, coping, bending, forming, notching, degreasing, and finishing.


Marco is proud to offer a wide selection of perforated metal products in our stock inventory to meet the requirements of our customers. But we also understand that some customers have highly specialized applications that aren’t covered by our stock products. That’s why we offer perforated metal custom fabrication services that can accommodate those unique projects.

Our vast range of clients includes industrial, commercial, and architectural. This gives us an advantage because we routinely work with all types of custom punch orders. From perforated infill panels, to machine guards, to perforated baffle plate orders, we are here to serve you.

We invite you to watch our TruPunch in action or read our CNC punching blog.

Custom Punch vs Stock Material

Custom Punched Vessel Internal

Our custom perforating is available when our clients’ requirements are different from our stock inventory sheets. Some custom requirements include:

  • Alloy material
  • Sheet dimensions (width or length)
  • Thickness
  • Hole size, pattern, and percent (%) open area
  • Areas not perforated around or through the sheet (borders and margins)
  • Pattern orientation or direction
  • Flanges for hammer mill screens
  • Secondary services like aluminizing, powder coating, degreasing, notching, mounting holes or bending

The customization is endless as the options and variations can be combined to make a custom perforated sheet. Below you will find a comparison of stock inventory and custom perforated options.

 Stock SheetCustom
Width:36" or 48"60", 72", coil
Length:96” or 120”
Thickness:24 to 1/4" plate3/8" plate
Open Area:23, 36, 40, 50, 58%13%
Side:1/8" to 3/8"must be specific dimension
End:no marginsmust be specific dimension
Type:finished and unfinishedfinished
Material:Steel, T304, Aluminum, etc.A1008, Type 304
Custom Punch Data Sheet

Custom Punching vs Metal Stamping

Fabrication-Photo-Gallery-perf, Custom Punching
Custom Perforations

Metal stamping and metal punching are two common methods of creating custom perforated parts. Metal punching uses a tool called a punch press and a specially designed tool and die set. Metal punch tools are typically made from hardened steel or tungsten carbide.

In a punch press, the workpiece is moved into place between the tool and the die. The tool is then forced downward into the die, creating a hole in the desired shape. The process is simple, fast, and cost-effective, making it an excellent way to produce perforated sheet metal to your exact specifications.

Metal stamping is a more comprehensive process. Whereas metal punching is used to create perforations in an existing component, stamping uses a more complex tool and die sets to create a finished part in one step. The benefits of this include faster turnaround times and the ability to quickly and economically mass-produce components. The drawbacks include higher tool and die development costs.

Metal stamping is often not cost-effective for shorter runs. Punching is a more flexible process and doesn’t require an economy of scale. Both can be automated using CNC technology to achieve results with high dimensional tolerances and overall accuracy.

Our Fully Equipped Custom Fabrication Shop Is Ready to Assist You

As part of our ongoing quest to provide the best solution for every customer, we have a state-of-the-art, in-house fabrication department that contains the most advanced hole punching equipment on the market. This enables us to offer a wide assortment of premium perforated metal custom punching services, including:

  • Hole size: If our standard round, slotted or square hole sizes aren’t quite right for your project, just let us know! We can alter the size of the hole to make it larger or smaller as needed.
  • Hole pattern and pattern orientation: Typical perforation patterns include variations of straight-line and staggered. However, we can alter these patterns upon request. We can also change the pattern orientation and direction.
  • Open area percentage: The amount of open area on a screen, vent or other product will significantly affect factors such as material flow and strength. We can custom fabricate your metal sheets or coils to contain the precise open area percentage that will provide the results you need, while also providing maximum durability.
perforated metal
Custom Perforated Screen
custom punching; marco perforated; perforated metal
Custom Punch Product
custom perforated; perforated; custom punching
Custom Architectural Design

Applications & Benefits of Custom Punching

There are a variety of reasons why a company may choose a custom perforated metal product over an off-the-shelf alternative. Custom metal punching allows you to specify exactly the hole size, pattern, and open area percentage, the type of metal, and a range of other options. This allows for greater overall design flexibility.

  • Many of our clients come to us from highly specialized applications such as oil and gas exploration, and manufacturing, where filtration and screening processes demand custom perforated solutions.
  • Custom perforated metal products also possess unique architectural value — often, architects will go with a custom product to give their building a look that stands out, or to work around limitations imposed by other materials.
  • Whatever your application, custom metal punching services from Houston’s Marco Specialty Steel are the best way to ensure a finished product that delivers the performance, look and characteristics you require of it.

Understanding the Costs

Customized products inevitably cost more than premade solutions. Here’s a rundown of the main costs associated with our custom metal punching services:

  • Raw materials: Specialized materials such as stainless steel or aluminum will be more expensive, particularly when bought in small quantities for a short order run.
  • Tooling: Punch presses may use standard size tool and die kits, or they may require the development of a new mold, which will add to costs.
  • Machinery: Hourly costs associated with running a punch press include labor, maintenance, and electricity, as well as the amortized purchase price of the machine itself.

Understanding what’s involved in the cost of custom metal perforation is important when budgeting for a project. Let a Marco representative help you run the numbers and determine the most economical solution for your requirements.

Why Choose Marco for Custom Punching for Perforated Metal?

Marco Specialty Steel has been providing custom metal fabrication solutions since 1992. We understand the challenges that companies face, and can work with them to develop the right product for their applications. Our team includes knowledgeable, experienced design professionals who are willing to go the extra mile to help our customers achieve their project goals. We can even work with your existing blueprints and drawings, so feel free to upload them and we’ll put them to good use.

And if you’re concerned about having your project completed as quickly as possible, Marco Specialty Steel can provide a lightning-fast turnaround time — even for custom projects! We are available 24/7 for rush turnaround times.

We are available 24/7. Call after hours (713) 705-5942

Contact Us to Learn More

While some perforated metal suppliers claim to offer customized solutions for their clients, Marco Specialty Steel has the track record to support what we say. Feel free to contact one of our helpful sales representatives to discuss your project and explore your customization options. We will also be happy to provide a no-obligation quote for custom punching for perforated metal.

Quality. Speed. Reliability. That’s what you get when you choose Marco Specialty Steel for all your perforated metal needs!