Wire Cloth Definitions

Wire Cloth Definitions

Bolting Cloth: Made from light wire diameter woven into a plain square mesh pattern. The light wire diameter provides a high percentage of open area. Bolting cloth is principally used in sifting and screen printing; however, its relatively high percentage of open area makes it desirable in many other applications.

Calendering: A rolling operation that flattens the knuckles of wire cloth giving it a smoother surface.

Crimp: Undulations in warp and fill wires which hold each other in place.

Fill Wire: aka SHUTE WIRE, wire running across the width of the cloth.

Filter Cloth: Cloth used for flattening or straining (primarily plain and twilled dutch wire cloth and certain specifications of square mesh and off-count standard wire cloth).

Hardware Cloth: Plain weave square mesh cloth of relatively light wire galvanized after weaving (usually between 2 to 8 openings per lineal inch).

Market Grade: Applies to wire cloth specifications most commonly used for general work. market grade cloth is made of one size wire for each size closed mesh.

Mesh: Number of openings per lineal inch, measured from center of wire to center of the wire.

Micron: 1/1000 millimeter, 0.00003937 inch. The unit of measure for particle retention of filter media.

Micronic Filter Cloth: Wire cloth of fine wires usually giving a particle retention of 50 microns or less.

Off Count: A mesh that has a greater number of wires per inch in one direction, usually the warp direction, sometimes referred to as a rectangular mesh.

Oil Tempered Wire: High carbon steel wire that is heat resistant to produce good strength and abrasion resistance.

Opening: Dimension between parallel adjacent wires.

Rectangular Mesh: Wire cloth with different warp and fill wire mesh counts which results in rectangular openings. The most common have a higher warp mesh than filler mesh. Advantages are increased open area and reduced cost.

Selvage: The finished edges of wire cloth running the length of the roll which are produced by the weaving operation.

Shute: Wires running across the width of the cloth as woven.

Space Cloth: Wire cloth specified by the opening size rather than by the mesh count.

Square Mesh: Mesh with equal spacing of warp and shute to give square openings.

Warp Wire: Foundation wires running parallel to the length of the cloth.

Weaves: Pattern in which wires are interwoven.

Welded Wire Cloth: Warp and fill wires lay flat, no crimp; and are welded at each intersection

Wire Diameter or Gauge: Diameter of wires used in weaving cloth.