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Welded metal bar grating is the most popular and versatile of all the industrial grating types. There is a wide range of industrial and commercial uses such as walkways, safety barriers, drainage covers, catwalks, platforms, ventilation grates, and stair treads.

Welded bar grating consists of bearing bars that are automatically resistance-welded with the crossbars via the precise application of intense heat and pressure. This produces a rugged, one-piece panel with crossbars that are extremely rigid, yet smooth enough for easy, safe walking. When maximum strength is necessary heavy-duty bar grating may be required.


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Marco is Your Headquarters for Superior Welded Bar Grating Products

As one of the top welded bar grating suppliers, Marco Specialty Steel can provide the right product for your company’s needs. We stock our spacious 35,000-square-foot Houston, TX facility with a huge inventory of welded bar grating panels and stair treads. Our standard carbon steel panels are available in mill finish, hot dip galvanized or powder coat painted finish, while our stainless steel panels feature a mill finish.

Our standard welded bar grating panels measure 2′-0″ or 3’0″ wide by 20′-0″ or 24′-0″ to meet most industrial and commercial requirements. We also stock virtually every type of stair tread, along with checkered plate and cast aluminum abrasive nosings.

Steel Bar Grating Load Table with printable pdf links

All measurements are center to center of bearing bars.

STEEL BARPart NumberBearing Bar Size
Welded & Press Locked19-W-4
Welded Close-Mesh & Press Locked
Press-Locked Close-Mesh 7-P-4(7/16")
Stainless Welded & Stainless Press-Locked 19-S-4
Railroad Grating (AAR Approved) 25-W-4

To see heavy-duty welded bar grating load tables click here.

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Welded Bar Grating Platform
bar-grating-welded; marco specialty steel; marco welded
Welded Grating
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What Are the Benefits of Welded Bar Grating?

The welded bar grating process results in a strong, durable metal product that can withstand the rigors of heavy industrial and commercial use. Industrial bar grating also offers fast and easy installation that does not require the undertaking of an expensive, time-consuming, labor-intensive project that disrupts your normal operations. Perhaps best of all, welded bar grating provides a cost-efficient solution that can meet your stringent budgeting requirements.

fabrication of bar grating
Custom Welded Bar Grating

Custom Welded Bar Grating Solutions

If our stock welded bar grating options don’t meet your specific applications, we have the capability to customize any of our products. We can custom-manufacture special-length panels in our “Run to Length” line. Our facility also includes a fully equipped fabrication department where we can create everything from a small trench grate to a large, complex structure featuring cutouts and toe grates. Our team can even work with your own blueprints and mechanical drawings.

Custom Welded Bar Grating Crossover Platform

Marco Specialty Steel is a leading fabricator of crossover platform systems made of welded bar grating. Our fabrication experts work with many industries to create custom platforms for individual applications.

Marco Specialty Steel Is a Full-Service Welded Bar Grating Supplier

At Marco Specialty Steel, we take pride in being a full-service welded bar grating fabrication company that is attentive to the unique needs of every customer. We can provide complete turnkey service for your welded bar grating project, including engineering and design, fabrication, shipping, and even field erection drawings for larger projects. We also provide lightning-fast project turnaround times that rival those of any welded bar grating suppliers.

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We are an industry-leading industrial bar grating supplier. Discover why so many industrial and commercial operations have made Marco Specialty Steel their number one choice for all their metal/steel needs. Contact us to learn more about our welded metal bar grating products and services and to receive a no-obligation quote. We’ll also be happy to consult with you regarding your customization requirements.

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