Architectural Industry

Specialty Steel and FRP Products and
Applications for the Architectural Industry

Architecture — the process of planning, designing, and constructing structures like buildings as well as the space around them — is believed to be a blend of art and technology. The designs have to facilitate activities that will take place in or around them, which means architecture is a crucial line of work. Architects must consider the aesthetic appeal of their building, but they also have to keep in mind functionality and energy efficiency, making the field overall a challenging one.

Every architectural undertaking strives to combine form with function. From community areas to commercial buildings, every project requires attractive, durable, and low-maintenance structures. At Marco Specialty Steel, our custom fabrications offer that as well as more than 30 years of experience.

Applications for Architectural Purposes

Steel and FRP products provide architects and designers the ability to craft visually-stunning structures in residential and commercial settings. These functional components are often seen in sturdy walls, walkways and bridges, and parking garages.

We manufacture architectural metal products from environmentally responsible materials that offer rare aesthetics, dynamic performance and energy efficiency, versatility, strength and stability, and subdued maintenance.

Application Links

Walkways and Walking Surfaces

Pedestrian walkways  –  Tree grating  –  Docks and piers  –  ADA walking surfaces  –  Stairs  –  Walkways  –  Decking  –  Caged ladders  –  Elevated platforms  –  FRP grating, handrails, and structurals

Decking Bridges Vehicle Surfaces

Vehicle surfaces  –  Vehicle bridges

Architectural Facades & Sunscreens – Architectural Photo Gallery

Ventilation  –  Filtration  –  Louvers  –  Wall cladding  –  Sun shades and sunscreens  – Interior screens  – Water fountain and waterfall features  –  Infill panels  –  Partitions –  Barricades  –  Ceiling applications –  Trash containment


Security fencing  –  Handrailing –  Screening

No matter the size or type of project, our experienced team is ready to help. Our in-house fabrication facility, which spans 35,000 square feet, offers a vast inventory of top-notch materials. Plus, if we don’t readily stock a particular size or shape that is required, we can create it, or get it fast. Products we can custom-fabricate include infill panels, security fencing, screening, ADA walkways, and more.

Products for Architectural Purposes

With more than two decades of experience assisting engineers, design professionals, and architects, we understand which materials and products deliver the best results in architectural projects, from both functional and aesthetic standpoint. Products available through our facility include the following:

  • Architectural bar grating: With its high aesthetic appeal, bar grating for architecture is ideal for screening applications including fencing, handrails, and sunshades. Bar grating infill panels are custom created for architectural applications. The advantage of using architectural grated steel is the ability to allow for the passage of light, sound, and air. We offer press-locked, riveted, aluminum, welded, and heavy-duty bar grating, and bar grating stair treads.
  • Orsogril® fencing: Marco stocks many Orsogril fencing products which are a great option for when you are looking to create a safe and secure design without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. It is available in grating panels, wire fence panels, louvered panels, and wall cladding. All of which are elegant, secure options when designing the perfect space. These modular fences are commonly used in schools,  luxury housing, military sites, and airports.
  • Architectural expanded metal: Architectural expanded metal is strong, lightweight, and rigid so it maintains its shape after years of usage. It is used for wall cladding on buildings, retail displays, stair rails in schools and offices, and ceiling panels, to name a few. Due to this product’s strength, it’s often found in concrete reinforcement. Additional characteristics of architectural expanded metal include a high aesthetic appeal, strength, and flexibility, making it a popular choice for use in security fencing where you don’t want to compromise beauty for durability.
  • Architectural perforated metal: Perf is commonly used in panels in commercial settings, such as in ceilings to prevent echoes or within buildings to provide privacy while allowing light to enter. These infill panels are used to create walls, handrails, and sunscreens; inside and outside. We have several different options, including architectural perforations, round-hole patterns, ornamental/decorative patterns, square-hole patterns, and slotted. We can also custom-punch to meet any specific requirement needed.
  • Architectural wire mesh: Wire mesh can be made from any material, making it an ideal use for railing, art & signage at businesses, space dividers, and fences. Wire infill panels are custom created to serve as screens, barriers, storefronts, interior or exterior facades, and partitions. Marco Specialty Steel stocks and fabricates welded wire cloth or woven wire mesh to accommodate all your application needs.
  • FRP grating: FRP is easy to clean and maintain, rust-resistant, and naturally lightweight. Fiberglass reinforced plastic grating is commonly used for flooring or stairs where aesthetics and slip-resistance is important. Fiberglass structural shapes have the same qualities and are used as an alternative to other building materials such as wood or steel. FRP is a good fit for water parks, docks, and piers, commercial aquariums, or architectural structures that are constantly exposed to all weather elements such as railings on cruise ships.

Materials for Architectural Purposes

To deliver top-notch products for a range of applications, we start by using the best materials:

  • Aluminum: As a corrosion-resistant metal, aluminum offers advantages for outdoor use. We carry four grades that range in strength and application. One, 6063, is ideal for architectural extrusions, stair rails, and even furniture. Another, 5052, is used for security and decorative fencing.
  • Carbon steel: With a selection of low to very high carbon steel, our in-house fabrication facility offers more than five different grades of carbon steel for architectural purposes. Applications that use carbon steel include screens and grilles, fencing, walkways, and more.
  • Stainless steel: As one of our most frequently used materials, we keep a substantial stock of stainless steel on hand. Our architectural products, from our ss expanded and ss perforated metal to ss wire mesh and ss bar grating, use our corrosion-resistant stainless steel to deliver long-lasting performance. More than 10 different varieties are available.
  • Nickel alloy: We serve as a specialist in nickel alloys, using them in wire cloth and grating products. This material offers high strength and toughness as well as superior corrosion resistance and temperature properties.
  • Galvanized steel: A great choice for buildings, due to the inherent benefits of steel which include strength and durability. Galvanizing provides versatility, maintenance-free solutions, and a high level of aesthetic appeal.
  • Copper and Zinc: Copper is used in architecture for wall cladding, roofs, and building expansion joints because it is durable, corrosion resistant, and can form complex shapes. Zinc is compatible with many materials and is malleable, making it ideal for use in architectural settings where custom aesthetic levels need to be high, such as buildings or roofs.

Value Added Services

Some architectural projects require a special color or finish. Marco can add powder coating, PVC coating, or aluminizing which can help protect and beautify our metal products.

Why Architects Call Marco for Their Steel and FRP

At Marco Specialty Steel, we value delivering turnkey solutions. We have a huge inventory of products ready to ship or, we can custom fabricate our products to make infill panels, sunshades, wall cladding or more, for your architectural project. Our in-house experts can create take-offs to help too. We can provide everything your project requires to ensure it reaches you on-time and on budget.

Contact us today to discuss your architectural project and to receive a no-obligation quote from our team.