Expanded Metal Infill Panels

Infill-Panels-expanded-stair-railingExpanded Metal Infill Panels Fabrication

Expanded steel is a high-strength, economical choice for infill panels. It’s formed by a series of presses that die-cut and expand the raw sheet metal to create a diamond pattern. Metal can be expanded up to 10 times its original size, creating a product that weighs 80% less while retaining its fundamental rigidity and integrity.

Product options include standard expanded metal, flattened expanded metal, and expanded metal grating for heavy-duty applications. All three options work well when building custom infill panels. We stock a large variety and fabricate to meet our client’s individual needs.


Expanded Metal Infill

Common Applications for Expanded infill panels

Expanded metal infill panels have low cost and a unique look that make them suitable for architectural applications. Expanded infill panels are commonly used in:

  • Bridge railings
  • Fencing
  • Building facades
  • Parking garages
  • Security fences and railings
  • Protective barriers
  • Wall, ceiling and door panels
Expanded Metal Infill Panels

Benefits of Expanded Metal

Expanded metal offers a number of advantages over other materials. Because it is formed from a single piece of metal, there are no welds or weak points, which makes it exceptionally structurally sound, with a high strength-to-weight ratio. Unlike perforated metal, there’s no waste involved in producing it, which also makes it cost-effective.

Expanded metal infill panels have a distinct look that can complement certain architectural styles. Our products can be finished in a number of different colors for maximum design versatility.

Expanded Metal Infill Panel

Product Options

We offer three main types of expanded metal infill panels:

  • Standard, or raised expanded metal infill panels are pressed, cut and expanded, leaving sharply angled knuckles where the individual strands meet.
  • Flattened expanded metal undergoes an additional cold rolling process, creating a smoother surface and a finished product that is about 5% lighter than standard expanded metal.
  • Expanded metal grating, a heavier-duty product that is not usually used for infill panels. It’s made with a thicker gauge of carbon steel. Typically, its use is reserved for more demanding industrial applications.

Expanded steel railing infill panels can be made from any of the above materials. Our products are offered in different gauge stainless steel as well as several other metals, with a range of hole sizes and shapes. Our fabrication process is extremely flexible and filled with options for customizing your purchase as necessary.

Metal Infill Panel Sign

Custom Fabrication From Marco Specialty Steel

Marco Specialty Steel will fabricate any order of expanded metal infill panels to your specifications. We are unique in our ability to quickly turn around projects of any size for demanding customers. We can work from an existing blueprint or help you determine your needs to create a custom design.

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