Power and Energy Industry

Specialty Steel Products and
Applications for the Power and Energy Industry

From generation and transmission to distribution and sale of electric power to different parties, the work involved in the power and energy industry is far from simple. Power stations and plants are essential to the way we live and work.

Demand for renewable energy grows every year. Its rise emphasizes the need for innovation and infrastructure. At Marco Specialty Steel, we’ve been assisting energy companies for decades, helping them grow and keep up with the rising consumer demand for electricity. From power plants, wind and solar farms, solar photostatic and geothermal power plants, Marco has the grating and can custom-fabricate products for many applications.

Applications for The Power and Energy Industry

Whether you’re operating a power plant, working at a wind farm, or an electrician who repairs power lines, it’s essential to have products you can trust. We use a high-quality stock of materials, which lets us provide quick lead and turnaround times so you can update or install your equipment fast.

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Power and Energy Products

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Industrial shelving  –  Mezzanines

At Marco Specialty Steel, we provide custom fabrication for catwalks, utility trench covers, platforms, safety products, security fencing, intake screens, caged ladders, screens and guards, vehicular traffic surfaces, catalyst support grids, infill panels, stair treads, walkways, pipe bridges, crossover platforms, mezzanine flooring and more.

Products for The Power and Energy Industry

With more than 25 years of experience, we understand the needs of the utility market.  Our steel and FRP products are used around distribution equipment, transmission structures, in storage and containment areas as well as cooling towers and discharge areas. With our assistance, we’ll help you find the correct products and materials for your unique application, ensuring you receive a complete turnkey solution. Products we offer for the power and energy industry include:

  • Expanded metalExpanded metal is important to the power and energy industry because it can withstand harsh environments and has a high level of durability. This makes expanded metal ideal for security fencing to keep out unwanted intruders and protect trespassers from coming into contact with high voltage equipment. Expanded metal walkway grating is also utilized for platforms and walkways such as utility truck lifter flooring.
  • Perforated metal: Wind turbine blades can be used to convert energy of the wind into power sources. Similar to airplane engine noise, perforated metals can be used to silence noise from wind turbines. At Marco Specialty Steel, we offer round-hole patterns, square-hole patterns, and slotted holes. For some projects that call for exact open area measurements, we have custom-punching options. The versatility of perforated sheet metal makes it good for ventilation, filtration, machine parts, and more.
  • Wire Mesh: Wire mesh has great flexibility and strength and is often used for situations where sound dampening is necessary, such as for vibrating pipes, which make up a large part of the power and energy industry. Refinery mesh is used for different sifting and screening applications while other wire mesh products are used for fencing, fan guards, handrails, shelving, and partitions.
  • Bar Grating: Walkways and platforms are made of bar grating materials throughout the energy industry. Outdoor uses include trench covers, rooftop walkways, and bridges, to name a few. Indoors bar grating is used for storage solutions such as mezzanines and shelving as well as industrial products like support grids. Catwalks and crossover platforms are made with bar grating stair treads.
  • Safety Grating: There are so many industrial uses for safety grating. Diamond safety grating is the most slip-resistant while round hole safety grating comes in a close second. They come in planks, stair treads, or walkway grating. We also supply traction flooring and ladder rungs. Each can be fabricated for your specific application. These products are used for walkways, platforms, mezzanines, stairs -really anywhere a slip-resistant surface is necessary.
  • FRP grating and structural shapes: FRP grating products are especially used in the power and energy industry because it is non-conductive. This makes it the safest solution. Marco has a large inventory of FRP grating as well as FRP structural shapes, ladder systems, and stair treads. Molded FRP and pultruded FRP are available in phenolic material which is perfect when there is any chance of fire. Trench covers, elevated flooring panels, and transformer bund covers are made with FRP grating as well.
  • Hex Metal: Hex metal refractory lining is used to hold cement or refractory in position.

Materials for The Power and Energy Industry

We stock our in-house fabrication facility, which covers 35,000 square feet, with high-quality materials:

  • Stainless steel: Our leading material offers corrosion resistance that’s useful for walkways, infill panels, pipe bridges, and many other applications in the power and energy industry. More than 10 grades are in-stock at our facility, including 304 stainless steel.
  • Carbon steel: With more than five grades of carbon steel available, including A-36 and 8620, we meet your facility’s unique preferences. Our expanded and perforated metals often use carbon steel when being fabricated for security fencing.
  • Aluminum: This material does not rust, is resistant to corrosion, and will not spark when conducting electricity.
  • Nickel alloys: Corrosion resistant and able to withstand extremely high temperatures. The strong heat-resistant levels make this a material best used for nuclear power plants and components of wind turbines.
  • Galvanized steel: Durable and reliable for underground environments. Maintain a high level of power delivery from the zinc coating.

Why Should You Choose Marco Specialty Steel?

At Marco Specialty Steel, we deliver turnkey solutions to companies throughout the energy and power industry, from solar farms to power plants. With every project, we ensure you receive your custom-fabricated products on-time and on-budget so you can move forward with your business.

Contact us today to discuss your project and receive a no-obligation quote.