Modular Steel Mezzanine Fabrication

mezzanine grating custom fabricationCustom Mezzanine Fabrication

Whether it’s free-standing mezzanines or rack-supported catwalks or walkways, Marco Specialty Steel is committed to providing cost-effective solutions for your mezzanine custom fabrication needs. Each structure is unique due to its location, size, use, height and loading requirements. Therefore, we utilize various components needed to meet your specific requirements.

Modular steel mezzanines configure previously unused air space to greatly expand usable floor area without increasing the size of your building, so there is often no increase in rent, construction costs, taxes or utilities. In some cases, it may help meet municipal fire code requirements.


Marco’s technical sales representatives offer experience in design, estimation and layout for all your elevated grating work. Dedicated to working on projects for the oil and gas industry, such as vessel internals and crossover platforms and bridges, we deliver prompt quotations and timely order processing. Our clients have included distribution centers, sort facilities, record storage systems and many others. We also offer installation recommendations as well as print takeoffs for your project. Marco can deliver faster and with reduced freight costs.

There are several factors that go into choosing the right decking for your application.

  • Use of the structure
  • What is going on top
  • How will the structure be moved or stored
  • Will liquid or moisture be involved
  • Will there be an office be built on top

The products that we use to build mezzanines are Wire ClothPerforated MetalExpanded MetalBar GratingFiberglass Grating (FRP)Diamond Safety GratingPerf Safety Grating, and Tread Grip

Marco offers GrateCoat® unique powder coat paint finish, to ensure a high quality, durable finish for your application. Why “dip and drip” when you can get a long-lasting quality finish for about the same cost?

Whatever your elevated decking application, our range of mezzanine gratings can provide the solution. Manufactured to NAAMM standards and custom-sized for your requirements, we provide expert assistance with design, estimating, engineering and on-time delivery of your project.

mezzanine bar grating fabrication mezzanine grating fabrication








Our technical sales representatives will ensure you receive the most appropriate grating at a competitive price. We will help you solve your elevated decking challenges with knowledge and products you can trust.

Whatever your application, Marco Specialty Steel has the expertise to tailor to your requirements. We provide mezzanine decking, crossover platformsrooftop walkway systems and pipe bridges to fit your custom needs.

GrateCoat® Powder Coated Grating

Through a multi-million dollar investment in powder coat technology, we are the first grating manufacturer to offer powder coat finish as a standard paint for bar grating. Our new GrateCoat® finish is available in standard colors of Black and Gray, or we can match the paint colors on your existing applications.

With chip, scratch and fade resistance that far exceeds commonly available oil and water-based paint finishes, GrateCoat® gives high performance and a uniform application with no drips, runs or flaking.

GrateCoat® powder coat paint finish for grating provides one of the most economical, long-lasting, and color-durable quality finishes available. Powder coated surfaces are more resistant to chipping, scratching, fading and wearing than other types of paint finish for bar gratings.

Powder coating is an advanced method of applying a protective finish to a wide range of materials and products that are used by both industries and consumers. The powder used for the process is a mixture of finely ground particles of pigment and resin, which is sprayed onto a surface to be coated. The charged powder particles in GrateCoat® adhere to the electrically grounded surfaces of the grating until heated and fused into a smooth coating in a curing oven. The result is a uniform, durable, high-quality, and attractive finish.

GrateCoat® is also highly protective of our environment. While liquid finishes contain solvents which have pollutants known as volatile organic compounds (VOC’s), powder coating contains no solvents and releases negligible amounts, if any, of VOC’s into the atmosphere. Most powder coating overspray that does not adhere to the part can be retrieved and reused, virtually eliminating the waste commonly found in liquid finishing processes.

For a superior paint finish for your gratings, at an economical price, Marco has you covered with GrateCoat®.

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