Heavy Duty Diamond Plank

Heavy Duty Diamond Grating Plank Specifications

Heavy Duty Diamond Plank Surfaces Available:

No Teeth Pattern
Standard With Teeth Pattern








When ordering this grating, don’t forget to order accessories.

Heavy Duty Planks Availability

MaterialThicknessWidth 36”Width 27-3/4”Width 24”Width 13-3/4”Width 9-1/4”
Steel11 ga.
Steel10 ga.
Steel9 ga.

Heavy Duty Grating 2 Diamond Plank — 9-1/4” Width

Heavy Duty Grating 3 Diamond Plank — 13-3/4” Width

Heavy Duty Grating 5 Diamond Plank — 23-1/4” Width

Heavy Duty Grating 6 Diamond Plank — 27-3/4” Width

Heavy Duty Grating 8 Diamond Plank — 36” Width

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