Parks and Zoos Industry

Specialty Steel and FRP Products and
Applications for Parks and Zoos

When it comes to designing water parks and zoos, certain specialty steel and FRP products are crucial to a successful, safe environment. Fences, anti-slip walkways, and other products must be used to make sure everyone in the area knows where to be and can remain safe while there. On top of it all, the aesthetics of the area are critical to attracting customers and passersby.

Behind the scene, where employees of these facilities work need to be safe as well. That’s where our safety steel products save money and lives.

Let’s look at some of the most frequently used products and their applications within water parks and zoos.

Applications for Recreational Parks and Zoos

When you have full access to our fabricated specialty steel and FRP products, you’ll be able to design the perfect park and zoo areas that suit the needs of any visitor. You’ll need traditional spots like walkways and platforms as well as railways and fencing that keep animals and attractions separate from people trying to have fun and stay safe.

While animal containment in zoos and aesthetic appeal in recreational parks is important, so is the safety of employees and patrons. Pipe bridges on buildings, walkways, and handrails are all important aspects of maintaining a safe environment. The specialty steel used must be durable and able to stand up to the elements. Marco provides fabricated specialty steel for zoos and recreational parks in a variety of applications.

Application Links

Walkways and Walking Surfaces

Trench covers  –  Pedestrian walkways  –  ADA walking surfaces  –  Platforms  –  Stair treads
–  Caged ladders  –  Crossover platforms  –  Elevated platforms  –  Catwalks –  Pipe bridges  –  FRP grating  –  Handrails and structural shapes

Decking Bridges Vehicle Surfaces

Vehicle surfaces  –  Trolley or train bridges  –  Vehicle bridges  –  Trench covers

Products for Recreational Parks and Zoos

Louvered panels –  Infill panels –  Animal enclosure mesh fence –  Wall cladding–  Building facades –  Zoo fencing –  Sunscreens –  Trash containment –  Ventilation –  Wastewater screens


Security fencing  –  Machine guards  –  Handrailing

Products for Parks and Zoos

Our specialty steel and FRP products are able to withstand wet environments, deliver a high level of structural integrity, and provide aesthetic appeal. We have a large inventory and can provide a custom solution for your needs.

  • Bar grating: This grating material provides a reliable, paneled, load-bearing surface commonly used in large facilities, making it a great choice for applications to areas around parks and zoos. We offer welded, riveted, press-locked, aluminum, and heavy-duty versions along with bar grating stair treads that keep people safe and mobile throughout a water park or zoo.
  • Expanded metal: This type of metal is strong and lightweight at once, which makes it ideal for security fencing, patios, and concrete reinforcement. It’s diamond shaped openings are interesting which gives it an aesthetic appeal. Expanded metal is commonly coated with powder coating or PVC to create benches, chairs, and tables.
  • Orsogril® fencing materialOrsogril is a beautiful yet functional material perfect for fencing which makes it a top solution for architectural projects. Recintha welded mesh fencing offers a high level of security with no footholds for climbing and see-through properties. Sterope grating has a high level of aesthetics and solidity making it commonly seen in car parks or school buildings.
  • Perforated metal: At Marco Specialty Steel, we supply and custom-fabricate perforated metal with round hole patterns, slotted, custom-punched, and square holes. Ornamental and decorative patterns are especially useful for recreational areas because they mix form and function. Perforated sheets are popular and useful for ventilation, filtration, architectural fixtures, and more, making them ideal for a park or zoo environment that has both indoor and outdoor components.
  • Wire mesh: This wire cloth has unlimited applications and is highly versatile, and we can provide both welded wire cloth and woven wire mesh. Whatever you need, we’ll work with you to make it a reality. Wire cloth’s strength and versatility make it a favorite product used for everything from hand railings for the public, to security fencing behind the scenes.
  • FRP grating: FRP, also called fiberglass grating and fiberglass structurals are useful in theme parks and zoos due to their non-rusting quality as well as strong strength to weight capacity. Fiberglass grating is a good, non-slip walking surface for either platforms, decorative panels or bridges. These grated panels are fully customization to fit any space. FRP is also available in stair treads. Fiberglass structural shapes can withstand chemicals and chlorinated water without rotting, warping or shrinking like other materials.
  • Infill panels: Often used as a separating wall to enhance acoustic insulation, create an aesthetically appealing boundary between areas or improve fire resistance, infill panels — or infill walls — are non-load-bearing panels installed between a structure’s primary levels. They can be made of several different materials, including wire mesh, perforated metal, bar grating and more.

If you don’t find what you need in our inventory, we’ll even work with you to customize a solution for your water park, zoo or similar location.

Materials Used for Parks and Zoos

At Marco Specialty Steel, we’ll customize a number of different specialty steel fabrications for any design to make sure it functions well and looks good. We use high-quality materials like aluminum, carbon and stainless steel as well as finishes like powder-coated, galvanized, anodized, and more. We stock thousands of products in our 35,000 square foot warehouse in Texas, with high-quality materials:

  • Stainless steel: For use in buildings, railings, and fencing that are commonly seen in parks and zoos. Security fencing is required for both patrons and animals at zoos, while railings are commonly used by visitors at recreational parks.
  • Aluminum: Wire mesh provides a solid structure and easy installation. Ideal for implementing in zoos and recreational parks for fencing and animal containment.
  • Galvanized steel: Provides a durable, corrosion-resistance, maintenance-free solution for use in buildings or exhibits at zoos and recreational parks.
  • Carbon steel: Provides a high level and strength and is very cost-effective. Popular in zoos for use of tubing that contains animals and in parks for structural support of irrigation systems.
  • Nickel alloys: High level of resistance to corrosion and ability to withstand extreme pressure, making it ideal for piping in parks and zoos and for fencing used for patron and animal containment.

Marco Is The Company To Call When Estimating Park and Zoo Projects

Whether a recreational park or a zoo, safety is a top concern along with the aesthetic appeal. Marco provides cost-effective solutions for specialty steel uses on walkways for employees and patrons, security fencing, animal containment fencing, and railings that need to stand up against weather elements. We help you create these areas out of safe, highly functional, long-lasting metals that don’t force you to sacrifice appearance. Depending on your overall layout, you might choose to incorporate stairs, screening and sunscreens, decks, piers, facades, louvers, and more.

Contact Marco Specialty Steel for more information about our products that will help with your zoo and park plans.