Orsogril® Louvered Panels

Orsogril® Louvered Panel Products

Talia® Ventus, Talia® Screen Ventus, and TaliAlive® Louvered Panels are all certified for wind protection. Ask your sales representative for more details.

These louvered fencing panels feature an elegant appearance while providing the concealment and ventilation you need. They are a great option to enclose trash/waste areas, mechanical equipment, and more.


TALIA-VENTUS-LouveredTalia® Ventus Louvered Panels

Talia® Ventus represents a typical product of Italian tradition, where attention to detail is a guarantee of quality and beauty.

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TALIA-SCREEN-VENTUS-LouveredTalia® Screen Ventus Louvered Panels

Guaranteed quality and high aesthetic value that sets apart the whole Talia® range, made using quality materials and the typical Made in Italy style.

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TALIALIVE-Louvered-PanelsTaliAlive® Louvered Panels

TaliAlive® has been developed using a material that reinterprets traditional iron-working artisanship in a modern way. An original choice of high aesthetic value for design solutions.

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  • Rigid louvered panels
  • Beautiful and unobtrusive visual obstruction
  • Used for sunscreens
  • Enhanced ventilation
  • Available with all framing & post options

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