Orsogril® Louvered Panels

Orsogril® Louvered Panel Products

Talia® Ventus, Talia® Screen Ventus and TaliAlive® Louvered Panels are all certified for wind protection. Ask your sales representative for more detail.


TALIA-VENTUS-LouveredTalia® Ventus Louvered Panels

Talia® Ventus represents a typical product of Italian tradition, where attention to detail is a guarantee of quality and beauty.

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TALIA-SCREEN-VENTUS-LouveredTalia® Screen Ventus Louvered Panels

Guaranteed quality and high aesthetic value that sets apart the whole Talia® range, made using quality materials and the typical Made in Italy style.

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TALIALIVE-Louvered-PanelsTaliAlive® Louvered Panels

TaliAlive® has been developed using a material that reinterprets traditional iron-working artisanship in a modern way. An original choice of high aesthetic value for design solutions.

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