Hex Metal & Flex Metal Anchors

Hex Metal & Flex Metal Anchors

We offer a variety of hex metal & flex metal anchors including Armour-Anchors, wire formed anchors, plate formed anchors, rod formed anchors or studs.

Armour-Anchors can be used in combination with Hexmetals / Flexmetals or as stand alone systems.

Wire Formed Anchors configured to suit all light, medium and dense refractories in providing maximum support during refractory application and maximum retention of refractories during plant service. Consideration is given to expansion, heat transfer, method of application, environmental conditions and design of host unit for individual applications, standard designs are defined in our data sheet catalogue. Anchors are designed for Manual and Semi-Automatic Welding.

The range of applications is limited only by the structural strength of the anchor section. The maximum section size of wire formed anchors is 3/8″ (9.5mm). Typical applications include furnaces, ductwork, heaters, and reactors.

Plate Formed Anchors are divided into Metallic Anchors and Ceramic Supports. The Metallic Anchors are designed typically for ceramic fibre and for light and medium weight refractories, again configured to provide maximum retention during plant service. The Ceramic Anchor Supports “C” Clips are designed to retain most standard pattern ceramic anchors (Scissor Clip types are available as wire formed) Mainly for light and medium weight duties, their typically small cross sectional area provides low heat transfer with section size providing ease of both manual and semi-automatic welding. “C” Clips retain ceramic anchors used for anchoring moldable refractories.

Rod Formed Anchors / Studs (larger than 3/8″ diameter) Heavy weight anchors are used only in the most arduous conditions. They are designed to provide support and attachment of refractory pre-cast sections to plant steelwork, and provide an effective anchoring system in high stress situations. Their design shape minimizes and controls heat transfer and thus provides maximum strength and elevated temperatures. Refractory lining situations that have attendant high live loads such as Rotary Kilns; deep roof and side wall lining of dense refractories requiring maximum support during operating conditions; heavy weight pre-cast blocks retained by bolt through, weld on and slip on systems.

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