Stair Treads & Walkway

Heavy Duty Diamond Stair Treads & Walkway

Heavy Duty Diamond Stair Treads

No-where is sole-gripping design more critical than on stairs, where feet are more prone to slip, often with severe consequences. Heavy Duty Diamond stair treads provide the sole-gripping qualities of Heavy Duty safety grating for extra safety in two ways: multi-directional scraping action of tiny-toothed surfaces keeps shoes clean; open design rids surface of debris. The open area also makes threads easy to see, and edges read well from above.

Heavy Duty Diamond stair treads are available in standard nosing style only, 10-gauge steel: one depth (2”), two widths (91/4”, 133/4”), and four standard spans (24”, 30”, 36”, 48”), with others available upon request. Ideal for new construction, or easily attached to stringers for rehabilitation of existing stairs.

Heavy Duty 2 Diamond Stair Tread Construction

Heavy Duty Diamond Grating Walkway

5-Diamond Planks — 24” Width — 5” Deep
6-Diamond Planks — 30” Width — 5” Deep
8-Diamond Planks — 36” Width — 5” Deep

Diagram Detail:

Heavy Duty Walkways Availability

MaterialThicknessWalkway Width
Walkway Width
Walkway Width
Steel11 ga.
Steel10 ga.
Steel9 ga.

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