Mining and Mineral Industry

Specialty Steel Products and
Applications for the Mining and Mineral Industry

People in the mining industry complete several steps, from searching and extraction to beatification and processing of solid minerals from the earth. These naturally occurring minerals include coal, metals, rock salt, grave, clay and industrial materials. The metals are iron, zinc, copper and others, while industrial minerals consist of limestone, potash and further crushed rocks. The industry is separate from oil and natural gas extraction, but the gathered materials are a critical part of our everyday consumer products, electronics and more.

With its rough environments, the mining and mineral industry requires sturdy, long-lasting materials for applications that’ll test their strength, corrosion-resistance and more. At Marco Specialty Steel, we supply and custom-fabricate high-quality materials into superior products that deliver exceptional performance and safety to your quarry, mine or other work sites.

Applications for the Mining and Mineral Industry

Steel and FRP used in the mining and mineral industry must be able to withstand the harshest of environments. Safety is key for miners working above ground and underground, which is why it is important to use proper safety railings and anti-slip flooring. Marco Specialty Steel is the go-to source for applications for the mining and mineral industry.

From processing particles to navigating around a job-site, it’s critical to use durable and safe products. Otherwise your work area can be prone to injuries and equipment can break-down causing costly delays. 

Marco Specialty Steel has a huge product selection, each with their own benefits. This makes us a great source for materials used around transmission structures, distribution equipment, in storage and containment areas, cooling towers and discharge areas.

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Walkways and Walking Surfaces

Industrial walkways  –  Industrial safety flooring  –  Trench covers  –  Pedestrian walkways  –  ADA walking surfaces  –  Platforms  –  Mezzanines  –  Stair treads
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Decking Bridges Vehicle Surfaces

Railroad surfaces  –  Vehicle surfaces  –  Vehicle bridges  –  Trench covers

Mining and Minerals Products

Catalyst support grids –  Breaker Screens –  Tormmel screens –  Aggerate screens  –  Vessel internals  –  Vibrating screens  –  Mesh support screens


Security fencing  –  Machine guards  –  Railings –  Fan guards


Industrial shelving  –  Mezzanines

Applications we can custom-fabricate materials for include catwalks, platforms, safety products, security fencing, trench covers, caged ladders, vehicular traffic surfaces, infill panels, walkways, crossover platforms, catalyst support grids, pipe bridges, stair treads, vessel internals, mezzanine flooring and more. Our vast fabrication resources let us deliver high-quality, ready-to-assemble components on your timeline.

Products for the Mining and Mineral Industry

Marco Specialty Steel has a huge product selection, each with their own benefits. This makes us a great source for materials used around transmission structures, distribution equipment, in storage and containment areas, cooling towers and discharge areas.

With our extensive experience that goes back more than two decades, we build perfect products for the mining and mineral industry. Our products, as well as the materials and coatings behind them, withstand extended exposure to chemicals and outdoor elements. Types of products available at our in-house fabrication facility include stair treads and ladder rungs and more:

  • Bar grating: For load-bearing paneled surfaces that offer high reliability, choose bar grating. It’s used often in warehouses, plants and other manufacturing facilities, and we offer press-locked, heavy-duty, aluminum, riveted and welded versions.
  • Expanded metal: Expanded sheet metal is strong and lightweight, making it ideal for security fencing, machine guards, catwalks, and walkway rails in mine processing plants.
  • FRP grating and structural shapes: FRP products are lightweight, non-rusting, corrosion resistant and is fabricated using hand tools. Fiberglass grating is slip-resistant and has ergonomic benefits making it safer. This gives FRP grating, stair treads and structural shapes an advantage over other options. Fiberglass grating, both molded and pulturded, are ideal for catwalks, stairs, crossover platforms and walkways. FRP ladder and handrail systems are available. FRP structural shapes make non-conductive handrails and platforms.
  • Perforated metalPerforated sheet metal is used for mining and aggregate processing operations because of its durability and option flexibility. Not only is perf good for outdoor screening and railing, it is easily fabricated into shale shaker screens, aggregate screens and more. It is available in different materials, hole patterns and thicknesses to create the perfect screen.
  • Safety grating: Safety and accident prevention is a major concern to miners.  diamond grip, round hole safety grating, traction grip and Grate-Lock safety grating cushions the impact from footfalls, prevents buildup of mud and grease to reduce slips, and is virtually maintenance-free.
  • Wire mesh: Like many other industries, wire mesh and wire cloth are also used to prevent contamination of unwanted materials such as tree branches, grass, metal slag and other mineral types. Filtration is primarily in the form of dry screens, both stationary and vibrated. Screening separates a flow of material into grades, which are further processed to an intermediary product or a finished product. Abrasion resistance is critically important for prolonging screen longevity. Marco carries a wide assortment of wire mesh, both welded and woven but there are some that are particularly well suited for the mining and minerals industry:
    • Stainless steel wire cloth and mesh is used as screening media in quarries and mines for cleaning, grading, washing, separating, shaking and sizing extracted ores.
    • If you need a stronger, heavy warp wire that is more durable consider using our fiber cloth. Available in several patterns and weaves, fiber cloth is well suited for filtration.
    • Sintered wire mesh uses layering to filter materials. The wire is diffusion bonded for superior strength and stability.

Materials for the Mining and Mineral Industry

Quality is a defining value of ours at Marco Specialty Steel, which is why we use the following materials:

  • Stainless steel: As the most in-demand material at our 35,000-square-foot facility, stainless steel provides a few benefits, including corrosion resistance. We use its various grades for our hex metal and expanded metal products as well as walkways and vessel internal applications.
  • Galvanized steel: Due to its increased corrosion protection, galvanized steel offers additional resistance to weather and chemicals. We provide the A653 grade of galvanized steel, which features a tensile strength of 58,000 to 79,800 psi.
  • Carbon steel: With more than five different grades, carbon steel offers you further customization of your product. Our stock encompasses both very high and low carbon steel varieties, which provides your safety, bar and expanded metal gratings with the exact strength they need.
  • Aluminum: Corrosion resistance and high strength construction makes aluminum a great material to be used in underground mines and mining plants. This is commonly used for walkways, elevated platforms, and catwalks.
  • Nickel alloys: High strength, heat-resistant, and resists corrosion, nickel alloys are a great material for the mining industry to use in conjunction with another metal to be used in trench covers, pipe bridges, and stair treads.

Turnkey Solutions Delivered On-Time and On-Budget

With more than two decades of experience and a well-stocked facility, Marco Specialty Steel delivers the customized turnkey solutions your company needs to maximize safety and performance in your mining operations. You can also trust that we’ll provide your solutions on-budget and on-time as a part of our commitment to exceptional customer service. We are available 24 hours for rush services.

Contact us today to learn more about our custom-fabricated turnkey solutions for the mining and mineral industry.