Industrial Pipe Bridge Fabrication

Pipe-BridgesIndustrial Pipe Bridges

Industrial piping systems require a lot of planning and engineering. Due to the safety and security risks involved with piping fluids and gasses around your facility and property, it takes an experienced and trusted supplier to create custom industrial pipe bridges that meet all of your needs and expectations.

Our in-house fabrication shop will custom-build pipe bridges, crossover platforms, or rooftop walkways to your specifications.



We Specialize in Fabricating Pipe Bridges

Here at Marco Specialty Steel, we are specialists in fabricating industrial and modular pipe bridges using our own specialty steels and materials. This gives us the advantage of using stock components and materials that we can quickly adapt for your industrial piping needs, saving manufacturing time.

FRP-Crossover-platforms on roof
FRP Pipe Bridges
Safety Grating Pipe Bridge
Bar Grating Rooftop Walkway
Industrial Pipe Bridge Fabrication







The result is a truly custom solution that’s ready to install faster than starting from zero:

  • We can read any drawings, blueprints or specs and create the industrial or modular pipe bridge system you need to save space and create safe, practical piping that adapts perfectly to your facility and layout requirements.
  • We use our in-house fabrication shop to create our own specialty materials, such as platforms, frames, gratings and other necessary components for your pipe bridges. This allows us to control the quality at every step of the way.
  • We pre-build the “building blocks” of our pipe bridge systems and keep them in stock. This saves us time when we start fabricating to your specifications. We modify and adapt our basic components for the shape and particulars of your installation.
Bar Grating Bridge Over Pipes

Pipe Bridges Fabricated from Steel and FRP

Marco Specialty Steel builds pipe bridges using products such as Wire ClothPerforated MetalExpanded MetalBar GratingFiberglass Grating (FRP)Diamond Safety GratingPerf Safety Grating, and Tread Grip. Since 1992 our goal has been to provide the best, customer-focused service in the metals industry to all customers, whether your requirement is large or small.

Our modular pipe bridges can also be constructed from a mix of materials chosen for their strength, durability and wear properties. They include:

  • 12 gauge tubular steel: Both carbon steel and 304 stainless steel are used to construct our frames. The carbon steel components are hot dip galvanized for corrosion resistance in humid environments, while the stainless steel is mill finished.
  • 18 gauge steel: All walkway planking is tough 18-gauge steel that has been hot dip galvanized for great corrosion protection. The serrated surfaces allow for water drainage and better grip for walking — even when wet.
  • High-density polypropylene: The base supports for our modular pipe bridges are made from black high-impact polypropylene. UV-inhibitors and Antioxidants make this base material resistant to fading and degradation over time.

At Marco Specialty Steel, we can create a permanent installation for walking surfaces around obstacles and overhead between buildings, as well as modular bridge solutions that can be adapted according to your changing industrial layout and needs.

We Can Work With Your Drawings or Blueprints

Industrial Pipe Bridge Fabrication
Industrial Pipe Bridge Fabrication

No matter what chemicals or materials you’re transporting, your industrial pipe bridges and crossover platforms need to be designed with safety in mind. Our team will take your drawings and blueprints and apply our knowledge and experience to fabricate sturdy, resistant and durable industrial pipe bridges that allow you clear and safe access over and around your existing piping installations.

It’s easy to get started — simply upload your blueprint files directly to our site or send them along in an email attachment, fax, or overnight mail. We’ll work closely with you and your project management team to custom-fabricate the industrial or modular piping system that solves your piping problems. Find out how Marco Specialty Steel has become a leader in custom industrial fabrication.

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