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Does your company need sturdy, non-sparking, long-lasting bar grating that will provide maximum protection against the relentless forces of corrosion? Aluminum bar grating offers a lightweight, yet strong grating solution that is also remarkably rust-resistant.

Marco Specialty Steel offers a wide variety of aluminum bar grating products that will perform well and last a long time in even the most corrosive industrial environments. Easily find Specific Considerations and more in the docs and specs button.


Marco’s Aluminum Bar Grating Options

You can choose from various types of aluminum bar grating including:

Aluminum-Bar-Grating-I-BarSwaged-Locked I-Bar Grating

Aluminum I-bar grating is extremely popular due to its superior strength, lighter weight, and low cost. It has essentially the same load-carrying capacity as rectangular bar products of equal depth. I-bar utilizes a time-test swaging process that locks the I-bars to the cross rods that are positioned at 2” to 4” intervals.

Aluminum-Bar-Grating-SwagedSwaged-Locked Rectangular Bar Grating

Aluminum rectangular bar profile is available with plain or serrated surface with the cross bar below the walking surface and fully secured within the bearing bar. This swage-locked bar grating technique closely resembles the I-bar process but the rectangular-shaped bars are used instead of I-bars.

Press-LockedPress-Locked-Aluminum-Bar-Grating Rectangular Bar Grating

Press-Locked aluminum bar grating, also called flush top grating, makes use of intense hydraulic pressure to fuse together two close-tolerance slotted bars. The pressure forces the deep cross bar into the bearing bar to achieve a permanent lock. Both the cross bars and the bearing bars provide a more comfortable walking surface with the flush top design.

Rectangular-shaped aluminum bar grating, whether swaged or press-locked, offers the most effective long-term solution when maximum lateral stiffness is essential. You can also choose a rectangular grating with a serrated surface to improve traction and prevent slipping on walkways.

bar grating Saddle-ClipHold Down Clips for Aluminum Grating

Marco Specialty Steel provides everything you need when ordering aluminum grating, including the accessories like clips, anchors, and more. Aluminum Grating uses steel fasteners, such as saddle clips that must be galvanized. Call us today to find the solution to your specific need. 

Aluminum Bar Grating Load Charts

All measurements are center to center of bearing bars.

ALUMINUM GRATINGPart NumberBearing Bar Size
I-Bar Swage Locked19-SI-4
I-Bar Swage Locked Close-Mesh8-SI-4(1/2")
Rectangular Bar Swage-Locked & Press Locked19-SR-4,19-AP-4
15-SR-4, 15-AP-4
Press-Locked Close Mesh13-AP-4(13/16")
Rectangular Bar Swage-Locked Close Mesh &
Press-Locked Close Mesh
11-SR-4, 11-AP-4
8-SR-4, 8-AP-4

Where Can You Use Aluminum Bar Grating?

Aluminum Grating Drain Cover
Aluminum Grating Drain Cover

Aluminum bar grating is an excellent choice for use as walkways, platforms and wherever else nonslip, corrosion-resistant surfaces are needed in high-moisture environments such as:

  • Wastewater and sewage treatment plants
  • Petroleum refineries
  • Pumping and compressor plants
  • Chemical processing plants
  • Breweries/bottling facilities
  • Food preparation/processing plants
  • Storage facilities

Our aluminum bar grating does not produce sparks, which means it can also be safely used in munitions plants and other potentially volatile manufacturing operations where fire and explosion pose a constant threat.

We Can Also Handle Custom Aluminum Bar Grating Fabrication Projects

Aluminum-Access-Panels, Bar Grating fabrication
Custom Aluminum Access Panels

A key reason why Marco Specialty Steel has become one of the leading aluminum bar grating distributors is our willingness to work with our customers to provide the right product for their needs. We have our own in-house fabrication shop where we can customize any of our stock aluminum bar grating products to your specifications. You’re always welcome to submit your own drawings and blueprints to our capable design team and we will create print takeoffs for your project.

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Marco Specialty Steel has extensive experience in offering the best products at competitive prices for customers in industries such as refining, power generation, offshore drilling, parks and zoos, and refining. We provide the fastest project turnaround times in our industry, along with attentive, detail-oriented customer service.

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