Importance of Industrial Safety Grating





The Importance of Safety Gratings in Industrial Environments

A major focus of facility managers in an industrial environment must be for both employees and visitors. Our safety grating products can provide you the peace of mind in knowing you are doing everything possible to maximize the safety of everyone at your worksite.

Employee Safety

Industrial facilities have almost unlimited opportunities for workers to hurt themselves. When it happens, it can harm the employee, limit productivity, lower morale, and expose the company. For this reason, as a manager, your top priority needs to be to identify potential safety hazards throughout the workplace and reduce or eliminate them as much as possible.

A good slip-resistant grating could save your company from workers’ compensation claims, the cost of hiring temporary employees, and other liability considerations, and it could even save lives.

Safety for Visitors at the Worksite

When a worksite has potential clients, investors or offsite personnel, it is important to have safety measures in place. These visitors may not be accustomed to being in industrial environments therefore using safety gratings for safe walking and safety stair treads for stairways is imperative.

Diamond Safety Walkway
Diamond Safety Walkway

Reliable Industrial Grating

Reliable industrial safety grating is so important. The top cause of industrial accidents in the workplace is slips and falls. Federal Occupation Safety and Health Administration statistics show that falls are consistently responsible for over one-third of construction site deaths and are typically among the top 10 in workplace-related incidents.

What makes slips and falls such a problem is how challenging they can be to prevent. It is very difficult to police everything in your facility that produces slick surfaces. Anything from a pipe leak to employee sweat could lead to a slippery platform, step, or other slip-and-fall hotspots.

This is where a high-quality safety walkway grating comes in. While safety gratings cannot prevent every possible slip-and-fall hazard or incident in your facility, they can dramatically reduce the possibility of such incidents. You will see the widespread use of safety gratings in a range of environments such as:

  • Stairs and ladders
  • Crossover platforms
  • Walkways and bridges
  • Ramps
  • Platforms
  • Mezzanines

Many industries use safety walkways walking surfaces for many reasons. Check out our Industries section to see a few.

Finding the Right Industrial Safety Grating

You take great care in choosing the right construction elements for your industrial facility, and your safety gratings should be no exception. First, you need a safety grating that is going to fit where you need to put it in your facility. An ill-fitting safety grate can be worse than no grating at all, as it could actually increase the chances of a slip and fall.

If you are choosing a safety grating for an industrial environment, you want to get one that is designed to stand up to challenging industrial conditions like being subjected to impacts, moisture, and chemicals. If you are seeking safety gratings for outdoor environments, they must be strong enough to stand up to the weather conditions in your area without losing significant strength or integrity. You need a grating made of galvanized steel or other corrosion-resistant material, with anti-slip features like serrated edges to reduce friction, increase traction and generally maximize slip resistance.

Thankfully safety gratings are lightweight enough for easy installation, but strong enough to stand up to daily, persistent foot traffic. They are available in different material grades that are corrosion resistant.

Our Industrial Safety Grating Options


Diamond Safety Grating Walkway

Diamond Safety Grating

Diamond Safety Grating is known for its diamond-shaped pattern and is effective at creating a powerfully nonslip surface while being small enough that tools and other objects will not fall through the grating if you drop them. Diamond Grating is available in planks, stair treads, and walkway gratings. There is also a heavy-duty option.

  • Most popular and affordable safety grating
  • Maximum slip resistance in all directions
  • High strength and lightweight
  • Available in planks, walkway channels, and stair treads
Perf Safety Grating
Perf Safety Grating Platform

Perf Safety Grating

Perf Safety Grating features large, debossed holes and perforated buttons in a non-directional grid pattern. It is a resilient surface that is somewhat less aggressive than other safety gratings. Perf Grating is available in planks, stair treads, and walkway gratings.

  • Great for industrial areas that get a lot of pedestrian traffic
  • Non-directional grid pattern enables cut-off of mitering with no need for edge banding
  • Large open area permits a free flow of air and light
  • Hole pattern eliminates the need for sprinklers underneath
  • Available in planks, walkway channels, carrier plates, and stair treads
Tread Grip

Tread Grip Safety Grating

Tread Grip is our slip-proof industrial flooring material with hundreds of perforated button treads for extreme slip resistance. Tread Grip Grating is available in planks, flooring sheets, stair treads and ladder rungs.

  • Extraordinary slip resistance in all directions
  • Great for industrial areas that get a lot of pedestrian traffic
  • Long-lasting due to its unique tread design
  • Available in planks, flooring sheets, stair treads, and ladder rungs

Other Grating Options

We also stock a large variety of other types of gratings that are good for industrial environments. Bar grating is available in different construction such as panels and stair treads. Fiberglass grating is another good option for safe walkways and stairs. It is available in grating panels, stair treads, ladder systems, and more.

Metal-Grating-Fabrication-bar-grating, fabricated grating
Grating Fabrication

Grating Fabrication

If you need a specific size or a platform constructed, Marco has all the necessary equipment to fabricate safety grating and the know-how. Our large in-house steel customization department will get your order out, on time and on budget. We are also available 24 hours a day for rush orders. Call after hours (713) 705-5942

We custom fabricate stair treads, rooftop walkway systems, pipe bridges, crossover platforms, or any other product you need for your industrial workplace.

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