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How to Prevent Corrosion on Your Industrial Metal Bar Grating

Metal bar grating is a lattice, or an assembled grid of parallel bearing bars against a series of parallel crossbars that keep the grid sturdy. They’re valuable to cover floors and holes in various buildings, roads and other areas because they provide a sturdy surface while still allowing heat, sound, water, light and air through their openings. The value of gratings is clear, which is a big reason why they’re used as flooring, fencing, stair treads, ventilation screens, catwalks and so much more. One common problem with metal grating that you’ll have to take steps to prevent, however, is corrosion. Methods to Protect Bar Grating From Corrosion [caption id="attachment_7292" align="alignright" w… Read more
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Custom Fabricated Support Grid Project

Quality, Speed, Reliability: The MarCo Way “We look forward to a challenge and regularly complete new and innovative projects.” — Russell Mapes, MarCo When a company was contracted to fabricate catalyst grids to place inside new vessels, that company did as many other companies and engineers do: They called on MarCo Specialty Steel Inc. “They naturally thought of MarCo for our level of experience fabricating, the quality of our work, our knowledgeable and genuine customer service representatives, as well as our accommodating nature and ease of doing business,” said Russell Mapes, vice president of MarCo Specialty Steel. The project entailed 14 support grids and hold do… Read more