Metals That Don’t Rust

METALS THAT DON’T RUST Metals That Don't Rust or Are Corrosion Resistant Metals are highly vulnerable to the damaging effects of rust and corrosion, which can compromise their strength and lead to costly and sometimes dangerous consequences. This blog post will explore what rust is and which metals are most effective when attempting to protect against corrosion. We will also discuss surface coatings, sealing processes, and other preventative measures. [caption id="attachment_11585" align="alignright" width="300"] Carbon Steel with Ru… Read more

Selecting the Right Alloy for Your Custom Metal Fabrication Project

Choosing the right metal alloy starts with knowing your application well. Pure metals are useful, but alloys allow us to consider our anticipated uses and mix the perfect combination of metals and chemical components that will change the material’s resistance, reactivity, conductivity, strength, durability and more. The perfect material for one function, like a car engine, might be completely wrong for another like a butter knife. The capability to mix alloys, which humankind has enjoyed for centuries, gives us the versatility to create the mix to get any job done right. What to Consider While Choosing Alloys of Metal When you’re deciding whether you need an alloy and which kind will be best, think about the job you have in mind for the finished product and then consider the… Read more