Top 10 Applications for Fabricated Metal in the Oil and Gas Industry

Custom-fitted metal elements create strength and safety throughout many industries, and they are particularly useful for meeting the demands of a heavy-duty business, such as oil and gas drilling and petrochemical processing and refinement. Operations typically continue 24 hours a day — and lose money if they don’t — so safety, function and efficiency must be constant priorities. A number of different professionals within the oil and gas industry, as well as other industries, can benefit from a deeper knowledge about the possibilities of fabricated metal. These professionals include: Company owners Maintenance individuals and teams Construction professionals Read more

Fiberglass Grating: Industries and Applications

FRP fiberglass grating is used in a range of different industries, where it is valued for its lightweight, durability and corrosion resistance. As a leading industrial fiberglass grating supplier, Marco Specialty Steel offers practical and architectural solutions for some of today’s most demanding markets. Keep reading to learn more about potential applications for our products. Available Products We offer two main types of industrial fiberglass grating: Open molding grating in various sizes and grid patterns. We work with a number of advanced materials, including food-grade polyester, that offer superior resistance to chemicals as well as high strength and protection from the elements. Pultrusion molding grating in T-bar or I-b… Read more
fabrication of bar grating

More than a Distributor, More than a Fabricator

Often, I am asked to describe who and what Marco Specialty Steel is. This can elicit a complex answer. On the one hand, Marco is one of the largest stocking distributors of wire cloth, perforated metal, expanded metal and grating products in the Southwest. Our facility is over 35,000 square feet under roof, with 75,000 square feet of concrete and stabilized yard for outside storage (on almost 10 acres) just south of downtown Houston. For almost 25 years we have catered to and specialized in supplying our products to the petrochemical industry and its ancillary supporters, including strainer manufacturers, refractory and insulation companies, catalyst companies, tank and vessel manufacturers, and more. We have made it our business to know that industry and keep the items it requires in sto… Read more
2016 donation drive; star of hope donation drive

2016 Star of Hope Donation Drive

Donation Drive for Star of Hope Collecting items through Monday, December 12th Marco Specialty Steel, Inc. has donated to Star of Hope since 2006.  Last year, we thought we’d take a different approach by having a Donation Drive.  This year has been a difficult year for everyone, not just at Marco.  Let’s lift our spirits with kindness and generosity to others in need. Please consider donating items through Monday, December 12, 2016. We will deliver the donated items to their location that week. Critical Nee… Read more