Walkways and Walking Surfaces

Top Quality Walkways and Walking Surfaces

Steel and FRP walkways and walking surfaces from Marco Specialty Steel are made tough to be used for any job. Every product we offer is made from the highest quality materials and must meet our high standards of craftsmanship. We also specialize in fiberglass grating (FRP) options for walkways because it is easy to maintain, lightweight, skid-resistant, and provides a great aesthetic appeal.

Made Tough

Our walkways and walking surfaces are made with safety in mind. They provide a safe path along uneven walking surfaces and slip resistance in rain or snow. If your business or organization involves employees, customers, or clients walking through rough outdoor terrain, a Marco walkway or walking surface is the answer.

Whatever the situation or location, whether it be harsh storms, harsh environments, or rough use, our walkways and walking surfaces can hold up against the elements.

While you or your employees are on the job, you shouldn’t have to constantly watch your step. Adding a FRP or steel walkway or walking surface to your operation lets you get back to what’s important — the job at hand.

Superior Products

Our 35,000 square foot warehouse is stocked with the best products needed for walkways and walking surfaces. If you are looking for a tough and durable walkway material. Check out our products below. We only use the best materials to build long-lasting walkways.

In-House Fabrication

Customization is our specialty. Our in-house fabrication department will work with you to create the exact product you need. No detail will be overlooked. You can trust us to create a one-of-a-kind product that meets all your specifications. Our highly skilled fab team customizes walkways like crossover platforms, stair treads, mezzanines, catwalks, rooftop walkways, pipe bridges, and more. Below are links to our specialized fabrication pages: 

Made With Our Customers in Mind

At Marco Specialty Steel Inc., we know that every job is different. That’s why we treat every one of our clients differently, too. We will work closely with you to help you find the best solutions. As you can see below, we offer walkways and walking surfaces for a wide variety of situations and uses. Whatever you need to be done, Marco is ready to do the job and to do it right.

See below examples of walkways and walking services and contact us today to request a quote.