Why Architects Love Wall Cladding

Why Architects Love Wall Cladding

WHY ARCHITECTS LOVE WALL CLADDING At Marco Specialty Steel, we love the artistic aspect and structure enhancing features of wall cladding. It is a decorative method of covering a wall to make it look like a different material than it’s actually made of. This creates a skin layer over the existing wall. While wall cladding (also called exterior cladding) has some interior applications, it’s most effective and desirable as an exterior architectural component. Architectural Uses Depending on the building and it’s used, wall cladding comes in a variety of applications like wood, brick, reinforced plastic, faux stone, galvanized steel, and aluminum. Metal cladding has many architectural uses that enhance a variety of buildings an… Read more
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Why Should You Use TaliAlive Architectural Privacy Panels?

Are you looking to construct a fence line for a luxury home, public building or technical area that offers the ideal combination of privacy and aesthetic appeal? A TaliAlive® architectural privacy fence deserves careful consideration. Made from Cor-ten, a corrosion-resistant steel alloy by Orsogril, TaliAlive® panels redefine traditional ironworking craftsmanship by adding a distinctly modern design flair. What Are the Benefits of Installing a TaliAlive Architectural Privacy Fence? Reasons to use TaliAlive panels for your building projects include: Elegant, timeless architecture: TaliAlive® is a live m… Read more
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Maintaining and Caring for Architectural Wire Cloth

You expect your wire cloth to offer a long service life and high performance without consistently worrying about corrosion. Dirty or discolored mesh throws off the appearance of a structure or area. You can avoid these problems by thoroughly cleaning and caring for your architectural wire mesh. How to Care for Architectural Wire Cloth Depending on the location and surroundings of architectural wire cloth, it may need to be cleaned. Most indoor applications are virtually maintenance-free, aside from dust. Outdoor uses, on the other hand, can need occasional cleaning. Especially in harsh environments and where the wire comes in contact with other materials. Discol… Read more
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Architectural Expanded Metal: What You Need to Know

Expanded metal fabricators design metal pieces perfect for countless architectural applications across plants, facilities, commercial buildings and more. Expanded metal is strong, durable, flexible and lightweight, which makes it the ideal choice for a wide variety of jobs. It’s even used in some patio furniture — a testament to its versatility. Read on to learn what expanded metal is, how it is made, what designs use it and where to get it. What Is Expanded Metal and When Is It Used? The first answer you’ll need before deciding whether expanded metal is correct for your architecture job is what it is and how it’s created. The manufacturing process for archit… Read more
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3 Uses of Architectural Products

Architectural products, like metal screens and infill panels, serve various purposes. All, however, are fabricated to meet practical requirements while fulfilling your creative vision as an architect, designer or brand manager, when you collaborate with Marco Specialty Steel. Learn more about architectural metal screens and an in-depth examination of three of their uses below. Architectural Metal Screens and Their Options The versatility of architectural metal screens allows them to offer multiple applications throughout different industries. Metal screen options tend to influence the use of an architectural metal screen the most. Bar grating, for example, is not ideal for separating minerals in com… Read more