Fiberglass Grating: Industries and Applications

FRP fiberglass grating is used in a range of different industries, where it is valued for its lightweight, durability and corrosion resistance. As a leading industrial fiberglass grating supplier, Marco Specialty Steel offers practical and architectural solutions for some of today’s most demanding markets. Keep reading to learn more about potential applications for our products.

Available Products

We offer two main types of industrial fiberglass grating:

  • Open molding grating in various sizes and grid patterns. We work with a number of advanced materials, including food-grade polyester, that offer superior resistance to chemicals as well as high strength and protection from the elements.
  • Pultrusion molding grating in T-bar or I-bar profiles. Our pultruded grating meets ASTM E-84 standards for fire resistance and is available with glass or fiber reinforcements for extra strength.

We are unique among industrial fiberglass grating fabricators in our ability to customize our product to meet your specifications. We can quickly turn around almost any custom request — get in touch to discuss your requirements with a team member.

Industries We Serve

Marco Specialty Steel offers custom fiberglass grating fabrication services for clients in the following industries:

  • Refining: FRP flooring and grating can be found in oil refineries and petrochemical plants. Our products are used in catalyst support grids and mist eliminators, among other things. We offer a phenolic (Type P) open molding product that delivers exceptional fire resistance and low smoke emissions for these and other demanding applications.
  • Offshore drilling: Phenolic industrial fiberglass is also used in offshore drilling applications, and is the preferred grating material of Exxon and other major corporations. Our product is Coast Guard-approved for offshore use, and our Houston headquarters allows us to provide rapid service for clients working in the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Chemical treatment plants: FRP grating’s superior resistance to solvents and other harsh chemicals makes it an ideal choice for waste treatment, metal processing and other plants where spills are common. Both our vinyl ester (Type V) and isophthalic polyester (Type 1) open molding gratings are well suited to these applications.
  • Food and beverage facilities: Industrial food and beverage processing plants choose our food-grade isophthalic polyester (Type F) grating for its ability to resist the strong cleaning products used to maintain a sanitary environment.
  • Wind power: Our products can be found in many wind power generation facilities, where they are used in bar grating, stair treads and other important safety features.

Why Choose FRP?

Compared to traditional metal flooring, industrial FRP flooring and grating offers a number of advantages that make it an excellent choice in the above applications. In addition to being lighter, it is easier to work with and fabricate custom shapes from, making it more versatile overall. FRP also delivers better impact resistance, will not rust, and is low in electrical and thermal conductivity. FRP grating can be produced in the color of your choice, saving you the expense and time of painting.

Marco Specialty Steel can deliver custom fabricated FRP flooring and grating to meet any project’s requirements. We will get the job done on time and on budget, providing exceptional customer service every step of the way. Fill out our contact form today to learn more.