fabrication of bar grating

More than a Distributor, More than a Fabricator

Often, I am asked to describe who and what Marco Specialty Steel is. This can elicit a complex answer. On the one hand, Marco is one of the largest stocking distributors of wire cloth, perforated metal, expanded metal and grating products in the Southwest. Our facility is over 35,000 square feet under roof, with 75,000 square feet of concrete and stabilized yard for outside storage (on almost 10 acres) just south of downtown Houston. For almost 25 years we have catered to and specialized in supplying our products to the petrochemical industry and its ancillary supporters, including strainer manufacturers, refractory and insulation companies, catalyst companies, tank and vessel manufacturers, and more. We have made it our business to know that industry and keep the items it requires in stock and ready for 24/7 service. Our products have been rushed to plants all over the U.S. as well as internationally.

On the other hand, it is also true that Marco Specialty Steel is a specialized fabrication shop capable of fabricating the items we stock and much, much more. We have skilled estimators, draftsmen, fabricators and welders on staff who are experts in fabrication, specifically in our products. They are uniquely qualified not only because of their years of experience but also because of their understanding of our products and their applications. Whether you have complex drawings and a large scale project or just need a prototype or maintenance item made quickly for a plant emergency, Marco can handle it. Our shop routinely fabricates vessel internals, such as catalyst support grids, outlet collectors and scallops, as well as cross over platforms, skid platforms and stair treads. We are adding equipment and expanding capabilities so that we can be a better, more complete provider and ensure that our standards for high quality are maintained.

So, the real answer to who and what is Marco Specialty Steel is that we are a hybrid distributor and fabricator of a unique line of specialty steel products. We are more than a distributor and more than a fabricator.

Being a hybrid distributor/fabricator offers us many unique advantages. We have purchasing power like no other fabricator, which keeps raw material costs down. Because we typically have material in stock, our lead times cannot be beat. When time is money, this is an invaluable advantage. Perhaps our most valuable advantage is being experts in our field. Because we are experienced in not only the products but also the fabrication of our products, and because our skilled fabricators routinely work with these products, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience to offer our customers. We often find that what the customer needs, wants and expects is not necessarily found on his or her drawings, or maybe they don’t have drawings at all yet and just an idea. Our experienced, knowledgeable sales staff is able to consult with our fabrication staff to ensure that the final product meets and exceeds the customers’ expectations.

So, let’s review why you should choose Marco Specialty Steel for your specialty steel and fabrication needs. You get a hybrid distributor/fabricator with nearly 25 years of experience, making us a reliable partner and expert in your field. We offer an unmatched inventory for fast delivery of your stock or fabricated materials, with the option to have any products custom-fabricated to your exact specifications. Marco Specialty Steel is the one to call when you need quality, speed and reliability.