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Why Should You Use TaliAlive Architectural Privacy Panels?

Are you looking to construct a fence line for a luxury home, public building or technical area that offers the ideal combination of privacy and aesthetic appeal? A TaliAlive® architectural privacy fence deserves careful consideration. Made from Cor-ten, a corrosion-resistant steel alloy by Orsogril, TaliAlive® panels redefine traditional ironworking craftsmanship by adding a distinctly modern design flair.

What Are the Benefits of Installing a TaliAlive Architectural Privacy Fence?

Reasons to use TaliAlive panels for your building projects include:

  • Elegant, timeless architecture: TaliAlive® is a live material, meaning its color and visual features will change over time. This enhances the fencing’s architectural design and ensures an attractive long-term visual presentation.
  • High aesthetic value: TaliAlive’s simple, linear louver design and the warm shading effect provided by the Cor-ten steel material offer exceptional aesthetic appeal. The cladding lamellas create a unique interplay of light and shadow that intensifies the visual impact.
  • High mechanical strength: TaliAlive is strong enough to withstand a wide variety of physical forces without experiencing deformation. Thus, your architectural privacy fence will offer a durable protection solution for years to come.
  • Excellent wind protection: If you are designing a building in a windy climate, you should know that TaliAlive is the only wind resistance-certified architectural privacy fence on the market.
  • Versatility: You can use TaliAlive louvered grating for all types of architectural design projects. Use it for privacy, environmental protection, facade cladding or shielding, or as a full fence solution across a large expanse of space.
  • Fast, easy installation: The innovative design consists of vertical flat bar posts welded to horizontal profiles, simplifying the installation processes. There are no surface finishes or paint to apply, which saves time and labor and eliminates the need for additional materials.
  • No maintenance hassles: TaliAlive architectural privacy screens are maintenance-free. The longer-louvered profile provides extra shielding and minimizes the damaging effects of exposure to the elements. The Cor-ten steel material offers five to eight times greater corrosion resistance than carbon steel; the natural passivation creates a permanent surface skin that prevents oxidation. The lack of the need for preventive maintenance means your fence will deliver an excellent long-term return on your investment.

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Marco Is Your One-Stop TaliAlive® Headquarters

As one of the leading providers and fabricators of specialty steel products in the United States, Marco Specialty Steel is proud to offer TaliAlive® architectural privacy panels and screens in a wide assortment of sizes and dimensions. We have everything you need to design and build a top-quality fence that will meet your functional, aesthetic and privacy requirements. Contact us to learn more about our product selection and to receive a no-obligation quote today.