transportation applications fro fabricated metal products

Top 4 Transportation Applications for Fabricated Metal Products

Custom metal fabrications have transformed the transportation industry over the centuries, offering more efficient travel and an increase in safety across countless applications. We use the process to create metal grating, perforated sheets and other metal products for uses that include drains on highways that will help prevent flooding without accruing rust, machine guards, safety barriers and screens, handrails, railing infill panels, tornado screens that guard industrial commercial structures and more.

Bar Grating Walkway

These are all important to keep people and vehicles safe during travel. Four of the most common and most important transportation applications for fabricated metal include use in:

1. Walkways

Metal grating for pedestrian traffic makes walkways safe for anybody traveling on foot, and ADA walking surfaces keep areas accessible to everyone. You’ll be able to choose from a number of styles and types of grating if you’re creating a walkway, which will help you achieve the right design, appearance, and strength for any specific area.

Diamond Safety Grating Walkway

Bar grating is often fabricated for pedestrian walkways while diamond safety grating is more in industrial situations. Slip resistance allows for a secure footing on staircases, walkable bridges, sidewalks, rooftops, docks and anywhere else pedestrians might find themselves.

2. Vehicle Construction

Cars, trucks, and other automobiles consist of countless parts, and many have fabricated metal components throughout their design that allows for safe and efficient functionality. Think of vehicle screens, grills, headboards, and steps on larger vehicles like trucks and SUVs. Wire cloth and perforated metal play a key role in making these items for vehicles.

18 Wheeler Safety Steps

Big rigs and trailers use safety grating so drivers have safe stepping areas. Even walkways on railroad cars and truck cabs use different fabricated metal products that keep the overall vehicle safe and usable.

3. Bridges and Platforms

These structures appear enough throughout both interior and exterior regions to make having the right fabricated metal a concern that almost any architect will face. Bridges at any height often have fabricated metal surfaces, rails, security walls to prevent falling and more. High areas that workers need to access frequently, like highway signage and billboards, typically have platforms made of strong fabricated metal.

Bar Grating Walkway on a Train

4. Public Transit

Custom metal for airports, railroads, bus stations and other public transportation locations keeps the areas safe for large numbers of people arriving and departing with mass transit. Accidents in such heavily populated areas can cause long delays and unsafe conditions for dozens if not hundreds of individuals. Safety fences and grating help avoid potential risks. Railroad walking surfaces, using bar or safety grating, are on top of rail cars and along railways and platforms keep both workers and travelers safe.

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